Obama’s Fuzzy Jobs Math

Obama’s socialist takeover of Chrysler is already having an impact—a negative impact. We get news of over 700+ dealerships to be closed, which translates to around 30,000 jobs lost. Fear not Obamatrons, for the messiah is prepared to “pencil whip” Americans into mathematical submission. 30,000 lost equals a 1,500 gain in ObamaMath.
Need a real life example? A couple of weeks ago job losses were reported at around 600,000. However that same week Obama reported that he had created 150,000 new jobs. Creative math for sure, and not the way most of us learned it. So much for “gubment” school educations.

You may recall that Obama originally planned to “create or save” 2.1M, then 2.5M, then 3M, then 4.1M jobs. It is now back down to 3.1M. I’m not sure if the “current final number” includes the 150,000 that Obama claims have been created thus far. Based on Obama math, he only needs to report creating about 100,000 new jobs to make up for the 4M jobs that will have soon been lost under his watch.

In discovering the real news, “real news” being defined as news the lamestream media doesn’t report, I have only discovered job losses. In fact, jobs “debounded” again this week under Obama’s watch, from 590,000 in the last report, increasing to over 630,000 new unemployment filings to be reported this week. With 6.5M people now unemployed—most post-Obamulus von Porkulus package—perhaps the economy hasn’t quite bottomed out, as reported by Obama News Network.

Dealers are not overjoyed with Chrysler’s new chief executive, as they are getting a Rodney King beatdown. One of the gotchas to the Obama’s takeover of Chrysler is the deposed Chrysler dealers must keep all their inventory. For those of you who don’t understand the real world of “Distribution” or being a distributor, I will explain how it is supposed to work.

When a distributor takes a product from a manufacturer, the distributor usually gets “restocking” rights. This means, they get the opportunity to return inventory that does not sell. Sometimes distributors will trade inventory for “hotter” products, though this is not the case so much in the auto industry, due to high shipping fees. In the auto industry they tend to have end of model year sales or other dealer incentives. In fact, most distributors don’t technically “own” their inventories, until the items are sold.

So how did Chrysler thwart the system?” Bankruptcy. The eventuality Obama said essentially “America could not afford to let happen“—happened. And after it happened, Obama gave Chrysler $6B—to transition into of bankruptcy.

Let’s look at the benefactors of this tragedy that was not supposed to happen.

First, Fiat will get the best part of Chrysler for essentially pennies on the dollar—pennies on our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Next, the UAW will benefit. Election paybacks…ok kickbacks. The union got everything it wanted, including part of that $6B to honor their agreements. And they will essentially run the “bad part” of Chrysler, in partnership with Obama. Do I really need to warn you not to buy this stock?

Finally, Obama got everything he wanted—socialized industry.

The dealers however are left to keep all the cars, and all the parts, and have for the most part been put out of business. The American taxpayers get the bill.

Here’s the wrap:

To paraphrase a popular saying, “The ‘big guys’ got the mine, the ‘little guys’ got the shaft.”

If you are a believer in the War on Achievement, then this makes perfect sense. Socialism is the new capitalism in ObamaNation.

Welcome to Bizarro World–where you can have 600,000 verified lost jobs, however the government tells us that they have created or saved 150,000 jobs. That’s ObamaMath.

That’s my rant!

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