Obama Keeps Michelle "In Check"

michelle-obamas-armsConspicuous by her absence in the Middle East was Amerika’s buff First Lady. One might think that Barack didn’t want Michelle’s well-chiseled arms to be a distraction from his manliness in dealing with the Arabs. However the reason is much simpler: Muslim culture is patriarchal—to put it politely—and Michelle would have been treated like…a second-class citizen. [Gasp!]

To quote Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?” Liberal white women’s outrage has been noticeably absent in all of this. And black Democrat women aren’t exactly a chorus of disapproval either. In fact, I have heard nothing in the lamestream media about this. It’s all been about Barack. The MAN! Is even our media complicit in the mistreatment of women by not exploring such an abomination?

You would think that a trip of such potential importance, a visit that could further the cause of women’s rights at the global level demanded a visit by the First Lady. After all the atrocities Michelle has been through in her life as a middle-class black woman, being kept down by “the man.” She had to battle her way through affirmative action to get a “race pass” into Princeton. And ever looming was “the man,” there to prevent her from succeeding despite her Ivy League pedigree.

Michelle fought the man, landing cushy jobs, where ironically her increases in income grew—geometrically—as the stature of her husband grew. How did she survive those turbulent times? Amerika, that is OPPRESSION, and even a fool can recognize it. What is ya, ignant?!

Michelle “Three Guns” [I hope somebody gets that] Obama could have proclaimed,

“…For the first time in my adult Muslim now privileged Black Camelot life, I am proud…!”

Because of her vast experience with oppression, Michelle would have easily spotted the oppression of her Muslim sisters. And with the hoopla that is Obama, she could have struck a blow for womankind across the globe, drawing attention to the mistreatment suffered by Muslim women. Sadly, she didn’t even make the trip.

Imagine if Barack had said to the Muslim people,

Your treatment of women is deplorable. The Muslim world needs to take a lesson from the United States in advancing the rights of women?”

Now that would have been newsworthy!

There was no such declaration from Barack, who joyously proclaimed all facets of his Muslimness, during the visit. ‘Mum’ was the word on the Muslim world’s treatment of women, and Barack proved to the Muslims that he had his woman in check. Michelle was made to stay home with the “chirrens,” like a good, obedient Muslim wife.

Michelle was in the safety and comfort of America, probably sauntering about the White House, donned in her new designer wardrobe ($600 tennis shoes and all) in scene reminiscent of Black Camelot—in other words, she was not relegated to wearing the traditional Muslim garb that she would have been required to wear had she made the trip. All together now—”Second-class citizen.”

Here’s the wrap:

BRITAIN G20 PALACEThe NOW generation white women should be up in their flabby arms over all of this lack of respect for the First Lady and the opportunity to help half a billion Muslim women around the globe, but sadly they are silent. Apparently women’s rights only apply to “white women with lesbian or bi-sexual tendencies who vote Democrat?” Why send the First Lady to protect a bunch of Muslim women, when there are important issues here in the states to deal with—like the celebration of LGBT month!

As for Barack, he knew the amount of media coverage Michelle’s visit would have garnered. There was no way he was going to showcase the treatment of women, particularly how the other half of Black Camelot would be treated—like all other Muslim women…at least publicly. Can’t have that sort of thing showcased around the globe lest it make Muslims look bad.

Michelle would have been a distraction, and might have made Obama forget his place. Such a distraction could cause Barack to do something stupid—like grovel to the Arab world or even worse…kiss a Saudi’s hand.

That’s my rant!

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