ACORN Gets the Mine…


Read my book The BIG Black Lie and you will know how to get the word out on what you are about to read.

As if America needed any more proof that Democrats still think of black as slaves, all one needs to do is think ACORN.  ACORN, the organization that most people associate with “community organizing”, and more fittingly Democrat voter fraud perpetrated by blacks is headed by a gang of white racist Democrats whose only agenda is…their own capitalist agenda.

If you don’t believe me, then visit an ACORN facility.  They are located in any large city with a heavy black population.  The building will be prominently placed in a mostly black community.  When you see ACORN minions protesting, getting petitions signed, or doing whatever destructive deeds ACORN wishes to perpetrate on the black community, you can bet that it will be mostly black people doing the bidding.  Democrat slavery is alive and well, as it is a white slave Massa who is the overseer at ACORN.

So every day, ignorant blacks hit the streets at the urging of Massa to institute policies that have gotten blacks NOTHING over the past six decades.  Since ACORN’s founding by Wade Rathke in 1970’s the decline for blacks has accelerated, not gotten better…except for Rathke.  Now that his brother has embezzled a few hundred thousands, Rathke has taken ACORN international…oh, and changed the name.

Prior to Rathke’s departure, in typical Democrat meddlist fashion, ACORN forced the government to come to the rescue of lowly blacks to help us get houses.  To accomplish this, ACORN forced lenders to make bad loans.  The lenders then lobbied prominent Democrats like Dodd, Frank, Kerry, and Obama to support their agenda.  The lenders fought back, packaging these bad loans into investments, in order to mitigate their potential losses when these mortgages failed—an inevitable outcome of giving loans to people who never learned how to manage money.

Now ACORN would say that the standard of living in the black community has risen.  I agree.  But that’s only in comparison to the black community of the past.  Per capita, black still lag far behind other groups.

Black families have ghetto housing, functional cars (usually pimped to some degree).  We have cable tv, and let’s forget our famous black homeless man who actually took a picture of the Michelle-O with his…cell phone.  That poor black man who would be rich if he live in Bangladesh or Nepal for simply having a cell phone.  The good news is that ACORN and the FED have made it so easy for blacks, that we don’t need to work…at all!  At least as long as you are cool with the lifestyle the Democrat elitist allow you.

Meanwhile Rathke joins the ranks of the super elite, you know racist elitist Democrats like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer—white Democrats who only have blacks to “serve” them.  And serve them we do.

Blacks are out spreading the gospel of other blacks voting Democrat, and intimidating those who don’t.  Blacks are being prostituted into doing the bidding of rich white folks, like Rathke.  I doubt if most ACORN foot soldiers even know who runs the organization.  Witless pawns, used by Democrats.  Yet blacks and Democrats will argue that all the racists of the Democrats left the party back in the ‘60’s.  I say they NEVER left.  And like most smooth criminals Democrat have only refined their racist game.

Here’s the wrap:

acorn-nutsFrom its humble beginnings in the 1970, the little ACORN has indeed become a mighty oak.  For its efforts in the Obama campaign, ACORN was rewarded with $5.2B of new funding in what is being called “neighborhood stabilization.”  This is a euphemism for “keeping black people ignorant and voting democrat” program.  Though ACORN touts itself as the largest “grass roots” community group in the country, there is nothing grass roots about it. It is a heavily funded Democrat organization with one goal in mind.  Keep Democrats thriving off so-called black victims.

Ask me if I think blacks will learn anything from this new enslavement, and my simple answer is, “Of course not!”   Ignorance is bliss, and blacks are the most content race in America–have been for decades.

So as the saying goes, ACORN gets the mine, while blacks get the shaft.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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