America – Battered Spouse

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What would you do if you witnessed a rape?  Well you just saw another one, and it was performed on Lady Liberty.  The mainly Democrat politicians used “carbon” as their phallic tool in torturous violation of the American taxpayer.  If you had an inkling that the Democrats (and eight so-called Republicans) care about what you think, you just got your answer:  “Just lay there and enjoy it!”

In a 1200 page document—300 pages of which was missing—did not stop the vote.  300 missing pages is just a technicality when you haven’t read the document anyway.  So we are left with a new set of regulations that will increase our electricity bills by 90%, perhaps much more some say.

You might wonder why politicians sign bills without reading them, and in blatant disregard for what their constituents want.  The answer is they are promised much more than they believe they can get with us.  The powers that be can get them better committee seats, more money in their war chests from lobbyists, and so on.  And they have seen that Americans have no long-term memories, and simply vote like drones.  In short, they know we are suckers of the highest order.  In short, they do what they believe will keep them in office.

Politicians have made it clear for some time now—certainly in the past few pieces of legislation—they are NOT afraid of their bosses…us.   It doesn’t matter how egregious their behaviors, how inane the ideas, how vile the violation.  Politicians, particularly the new administration of thug socialist Democrats believe they can do whatever they want.  They remind me of 3rd-world African dictators, for some reason.

Let’s recap a couple of violations of the last five months for The House of Thugs:

We got a $3.6T “stimulus package.”  Who would have known what a double entendre that name would be in showcasing what is happening in the molesting of America.  At least they pretended that they were offering us foreplay before having their way with us.  Why did this abuse need to occur?  Because we were in a crisis!  America was an uppity bitch—arrogant in fact.   She needed to be straightened out.  Devalued.  Taken down a peg…or ten.

We are hearing rumors that because the first stimulus was not so stimulating, we may get another shagging.  I guess Obama wants to drive his point home, so to speak.  “America, you will accept the stimulus, and you will enjoy it—whether you want to or not.” – B.H.O.

Next we got the billions of dollars spent to bail out the auto industry.  Americans were overwhelmingly against it.  We fought it.  We said “No!” many times.  However to the Obama administration, “No doesn’t mean ‘no’.”  So the excuse given for ramming us over and over with “bailouts” was a crisis would occur in the auto industry without bailouts. The auto industry could NOT be allowed to fail. Yet it did.  And like the abused wife of a drug-addicted husband, we are left to simply accept the loss of billions of dollars.  Any questioning would just garner more abuse.

So we wait, hoping for the occasional respite that comes when our abusive spouse is sated—however that relief may come.

Here’s the wrap:

statue-of-liberty-crying315And it does come.  This time America’s rape happens in the form of an eco-tax.  Another apology for America’s success and payment for breathing free air all these years.  We use more carbon apparently, since we are so prosperous.  Despite having only 330 million people, America is supposed to be the world’s biggest polluter, and an environmental terrorist.

219 House congressional traitors bought into the idea that America shouldn’t have been “hanging out at that bar, wearing those clothes.  She deserves what she is getting.”

The socialist have been stalking America for some time, lurking in the shadows.  They have used and abused America, in hopes of breaking her spirit.  They may have gone too far this time, wounded her too deeply.  For this time America’s poor will suffer the most, soon to receive much higher electric bills.  And when the socialist Democrats start violating the poor, people may actually start reporting the raping of America.

That’s my rant!

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