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DTVAmericans can sleep a lot easier tonight now that the digital TV transition has occurred. Crisis averted!  The idea that some people may not have been able to have 24-hour access to Obama was indeed a potential crisis.  Thankfully it will not happen in Amerika.  No, we will now get to see as much of our beloved African dictator as we can stomach.

But the really lucky ones are “the old and the poor.” For it is they who need the healing wisdom and cool assurances that can only come from “the anointed one,” as Reuters reported here:

“Obama supports the delay, sharing concerns that 20 million mostly poor, elderly and rural households were not ready for the congressionally mandated switch.”

At least Obama had the decency not to alarm the “chirrens” and just kept this potential crisis amongst only old and poor grown folks.

The hypocrisy is that Obama flies all over the world mentioning the self-indulgence of Americans, while he delays a digital television conversion—because every person in America might not have television coverage.  Talk about an enabler.

Lucky for Obama, people in Nepal, Bangladesh, most parts of India, most parts of China, oh let me just save you the geography lesson and tell you that less than half the population of the world won’t even know that Obama is enabling America’s elitist behavior—because they don’t have televisions.   Only in America under ObamaNation do we consider television a right!  The same is true of new homes, health care, a job for life—correction, a union or government job for life—all other jobs are at the mercy of the marketplace.

A host of other items are also now standard issue for America’s poor, items such as hubcap spinners, wardrobes, gold grills, video game players and games, oh and…cell phones with cameras!  Our poor never know when the First Lady will show up for a photo op.  And to think in the old days, the poor in America got only government cheese and baby formula for the most part.

It is said that the transition delay cost broadcasters $22M.  At least we now have an idea of the penalty for capitalism in Amerika.  Nevertheless, a better question might be, “What did this four month delay in Obama’s enabling of America’s self-indulgence for digital television cost the hardworking American taxpayer?”

Fox News reports that according to the Nielsen Co. estimates that more than 6.5 million U.S. households that rely on analog television sets to pick up over-the-air broadcast signals.  At $40 a set, that comes to about $260M.  Here’s an interesting tidbit—The transition date was postponed after the Commerce Department hit a $1.34 billion funding limit for government coupons that consumers may use to help pay for digital TV converter boxes.  When you do the math, that leaves $1.08B unaccounted for.  Nobody panic however, because for the Obama administration budget, a billion dollar loss is merely a “rounding error.”

Here’s the wrap:

MagElitistThe decision to delay the transition was brought forth by a rich Democrat, namely Jay Rockefeller.

Delaying the upcoming DTV switch is the right thing to do,” said Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., author of the bill to push back the deadline. “I firmly believe that our nation is not yet ready to make this transition at this time.”

What would America do without mega-wealthy Democrats to consider all our needs?  Who better than a Rockefeller to know the plight of the old and the poor?  Some of us might be relegated to DirecTV or DISH Network, networks where we would be able to miss all of Obama’s television appearances.

As with all things Obama and racist, elitist Democrats, I suggest we “follow the money.”  Something tells me that Obama might know what freezers around Washington we can recover our “cool billion.”

That’s my rant!

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