Obama Uses Iranian Tactics

iranProtest_1424517cObama is a day late and a dollar short in his condemnation of Iran.  And even when he does finally show up, he tries to take both sides of the issue.

Obama warned Iran to listen to the will of the people.  And in the same breath he said that what Iran does is none of our business.  How’s that for leadership from the so-called leader of the free world?

And if Obama’s inaction the equivocation is not bad enough, it gets worse.  America’s position in the world has deteriorated to a new low, so much so that France is now the protector of the downtrodden!  What’s the world coming to, when the French have to stand up where the US will not.  Obama is forcing “lovers” to become “fighters!”

Needless to say, we conservatives knew that Obama didn’t possess the male genitalia to be called the leader of anything, and certainly not the Leader of the Free World.  When ex-ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel is your “pit bull,” well I think you get the picture.  Despite the reputation of Emanuel, picturing him in a tutu just doesn’t evoke fear in world dictators—nor in 3rd-graders.

Obama’s team is dangerous…on paper.  They can figure out how to win elections, able to open sealed records on election opponents with the ease of professional pick-pockets.  Better yet, they can keep citizenship records closed on selected African presidential candidates.  The problem is they suck at actually legislating.  And worse that their inability to legislate, none of them are prepared to deal with real-world situations—like peaceful protestors dying for the same rights that we enjoy in Amerika…at least for now.

Even racists Democrat presidents of yore had the good sense to stand up to tyranny when appropriate.  Racist segregationist Wilson did so in World War I, followed by protégé racist FDR, who finally stood up to Hitler.  It appears that Obama prefers to follow in the steps of Jimmy Carter?

Obama’s unquestionably weak response only showcases his naïveté, as well as his socio-pathological need to be liked…no loved.  Obama believes that “middle ground” is “high ground.”  Just what the world needs is an American president who constantly equivocates, even when the side to take is as obvious as the ears on his head.  Like Carter’s dealing with Iran, does anyone doubt the outcome of the situation in Iran under Obama’s watch?

So what the Iranians got a bogus election?  It’s none of our business.  Since when did the US begin standing up for human rights?  Answer:  Since forever.  Because that is what the moral authority does.  Under Obama we may have finally become The Evil Empire.

The irony is that Obama doesn’t follow the advice he gave to Iran, and “listen to the will of the people.”  Obama rammed “stimulus” down our throats or up our butts—your choice on direction and orifice.  Like the Iranian government, Obama has received little more than a slap on the wrist for his incompetence.   And that’s without a media blackout.

What has Obamulus von Porkulus produced?  Obamulus von Porkulus II is on the horizon!  The stimulus is in need of stimulus! Or better put.  Amerika needs another butt-kicking.  (Conjuring the ghost of Ike Turner:  “What’s love got to do…got to do with it?”)

Here’s the wrap:

beatdownIt’s obvious that Obama doesn’t want to get in Iranian business, because his tactics are much the same.

The Iranians want to appear favorably to the world, through any means necessary, as does Obama. The problem is, Obama only knows one really tried and true way to get world love—by destroying America.

How long Obama believes this tactic of straddling the fence will last, one can only guess.  The people of America are overwhelmingly not for Obama’s policies of taking over the auto industry, the financial industry, the tobacco industry, and healthcare.  But since when did that matter to Obama.  He has the chance to dictate to America.  And he won’t even have to ban the media from showcasing his brutality.  Obama is proving that when it comes to dealing with Americans, he can indeed take a side—against us taxpaying, law-abiding extremists.  The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

That’s my rant!

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