ObamaCare – America Gets New Proctologist

obamacare -  bendover (mod)It could go without saying that ObamaCare will provide the same “rock star” treatment to all Americans that he and the rest of the elitist Democrats will receive.  With Obama’s track record of accomplishment, anything is achievable!

Just look at what the rest of America has to look forward to when we are all subject to the new “gubment” healthcare system in this Newsmax report on Kennedy’s recent battle with cancer:

“One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.”

For those of you who have had the opportunity to partake in our governments efficiently run operations, for example the DMV, I am sure you will agree that this is the future of healthcare for us all.

Given Obama’s track record with his Czars and other appointees, one can only imagined which sadistic proctologist will get the pleasure of shoving the “finger” up America’s butt? [insert evil laugh]   What fiendish merchant of medical menace will be dreaming up all the “out” clauses in this new legislation—a document that will be rivaled only by America’s IRS tax code?  [insert evil laugh]  We find out who in this Reuters article [emphasis added by me for your interpretative pleasure]:

“[Democrat Senator Max] Baucus, who as chairman of the Finance Committee is taking a leading role in healthcare reform, would not be drawn on the details of the bill to be unveiled this week as negotiations entered their delicate final days, but he spoke of an emerging consensus.”

Expected cost of this imminent fiasco is $1T!  And if you’re wonder who will foot the bill, then you need to attend The Black Sphere Remedial Institute – A School for Liberals.

“Extending healthcare to cover them could cost more than $1 trillion over the next decade, but Baucus said more than half of that cost could be clawed back in the form of savings. The rest would have to come from raising revenues.”

Aside from all the waiting that will inevitably occur in ObamaCare, the real problem may be what you are waiting for.  As with all things government, don’t expect the quality of service to go up.  In fact, doctors are not too happy about all this, and I predict that America’s dominance, yes dominance in medicine is about to become a victim of Obama’s War on Achievement. With ObamaCare, expect the best and brightest medical practitioners to move to some other country to fill the void that will be left by Amerika’s system.  And expect America’s liberal elite to start buying homes wherever that happens to be.  I predict Dubai.

Here’s the wrap:

hospital waiting roomIn the Illinois senate, Jr Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored over 800 bills, and passed essentially nothing.  He took that record of accomplishment to the US Senate, where Jr Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored another 800+ bills and accomplished essentially nothing.  His ideas stink on ice!

Since I consider myself a problem-solver, I will make a few suggestions for ObamaCare.

First eliminate all the waste and fraud in healthcare.  If you are caught cheating the system, then you are off…permanently.  You can get your healthcare in Mexico or Canada.

Next, get all illegals off our system!  That would free up a LOT of cash, and have the added benefit of cutting the wait time in our hospitals by around 80%.

Finally, whatever system you come up with, all Federal officials would be required to be on it, with no exceptions.  Failure to use the system that would be mandated for all other citizens would mean forfeit of your Federal position.  Once the bureaucrats have vetted the system and approved by the citizens, it could then be made available to the rest of America.

But don’t expect this to happen.  Obama wants to finally accomplish something in his long career of accomplishing nothing.  In the Bizarro World of Obama, accomplishing something in this case translates to America getting “fingered by an evil proctologist!”

That’s my rant!

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