Hearing Black?

This blog is one I recently posted on American Thinker, and I wanted to share this with you. If you enjoy it, then you will likely enjoy my book, The BIG Black Lie. I hope you invest in it.

A black guy in his mid-20’s named Mike called into a radio show the other day, and he commented that “black people don’t hear things the same way whites do.” We blacks apparently “hear black.”

So blacks don’t hear the statement “Take me back to the good ol’ days” the same way as whites. Blacks are not nostalgic at all about “the good ol’ days”, and believe this to be “code” for taking blacks back to the bondage of slavery.

To illustrate his point, Mike said that when he was in the second-grade, he and his classmates had listened to Reagan one evening, and Reagan commented that America should go back to its “glorious past.” The next day at school all the black kids were crying, and asked their teacher, “Is Reagan was going to make black people slaves again?” Neither Mike nor his classmates had ever experienced slavery, so he seemed to go a long way back to consider the good ol’ days. And why blame Reagan?

My upbringing was different. I never had learned to “hear black.” So when I hear of going back to the good ol’ days, I think of being a carefree kid and having the loving support of my family. I would get out of school, take the bus home (about 15 miles), where my grandfather was usually waiting to take me and my brother fishing.

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