NYC Homeless Get One-Way Vacations

Bloomberg's inspirational muse, Al Gore - inventor of the internet
Bloomberg's inspirational muse, Al Gore - inventor of the internet

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You have to admire the insane genius of RINOs.  I am referring to the logic of New York Mayor Bloomberg deciding to give homeless New Yorkers a one-way ticket out of The Big Apple.

Apparently it costs about $36,000 per homeless person for shelter, and $1000 a week overall for the city to fund a homeless person.  $52,000 a year! So offering the homeless one-way “vacations” provides a sound financial compromise, according to Bloomberg.  Let’s ship our problems to other states…or countries!

Here is an excerpt from The Globe article:

“Since 2007, the city has quietly arranged airfare or bus tickets – one-way – for 550 homeless families. They have been sent as far away as India, Russia and Peru, although the bulk have been dispatched southward, to Florida and Puerto Rico…”

“Hey Honey, round up the younguns! I’m finally gonna take the family to Puerto Rico…pack EVERYTHING!”

If only other states and countries would provide reciprocation, we could have a world-wide timeshare arrangement for the homeless?! This would work even better if Bloomberg would just provide a fraction of that $52,000 as pocket change for the New York expatriates.

Based on 2003 data from the World Bank, the average per capita income for these vacation destinations is as follows:

  • India – $2,880
  • Russian Federation – $8,920
  • Peru – $5,090
  • Puerto Rico – $16,320

Those figures are a far cry from the $52 grand it costs New York.  It may surprise you to learn that what it costs for NY to pay for its poor would be on a per capita basis (2003) the second highest income in the world–second only to Luxembourg!  No wonder people are immigrating to the United States. 

There are 132 countries whose average per capita incomes are less than $10,000 a year, and amongst those 46 of them have per capita incomes less than $2,000 a year. How do you think they would view America’s “poor?”  Nowadays, immigrants come to America to get rich—on welfare!  And why not, when you can live for free, then get a paid vacation to Peru or Russia to boot?  Or how about sunny Florida?

Because you don’t have to leave the US to see what $52,000 can get you. The average US per capita income was $37,500 in 2003.  So if NYC were to just send their homeless to other states, along with $37,500, they could still save an average of $15K per person.

For the average homeless family of four in NYC, there is essentially $208,000 in your spending account. According to the Administration for Children and Families report, that level of income would be more than twice that of any other US state median income for a family of four ($70,354), with the highest being New Jersey ($94,441).

Here’s the wrap:

Homeless in NYCIf you need more evidence of the War on Achievement – Era of Brown Underwear, then you’re as sharp as a cafeteria meatball.  The homeless in New York theoretically live better than ALL the world, except Luxembourg, and better than ALL other Americans, excepting none.  So if it cost $52,000 to be homeless in NY City, imagine what it cost to not to be homeless there?!

Democrats run cities into bankruptcy, and so do RINOs.  They create poverty, disguised as redistribution.  As for the novel idea of redistributing a city’s homeless to other locations to save money, I’m just surprised that big cities in California or Massachusetts didn’t think of it first. 

If they keep these kinds of ideas coming, don’t be surprised if these Democrat strongholds get the bright idea that freeing prisoners will save tax dollars?

Blue state homeless and released convicts…coming to a city near you!

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