Obama Bringing Democracy Back from Russia

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Obama is visiting Russia brushing up on communism by reading through old manuals and manuscripts. He’s polishing his ideology…first-hand. If you are going to implement communism, I guess you need to bone up on your history. So why not go to the source!

Russia is happy to ship all those communist manifestos—and Hillary’s “easy button”—directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Copies were sent to the other elitist Democrats in Congress and on Obama’s staff (pardon the pun). Russia has no further need for them.

As for the Obama’s reason for the visit, he commented that he needs to “reset the course of relations between the US and Russia?” That’s ObamaSpeak for, “I need to apologize for Reagan’s part in ending the Cold War and his keeping communism from spreading.”

Ending the Cold War was horrible for the Soviet Union, as it ushered in sovereignty for nations that were oppressed under the former Soviet regime. The end of the Cold War caused democracy to replace communism in that region of the world. Now we have Russia and other former communist countries doing well in their fledgling democracies, particularly in comparison to the good ol’ days of communist rule. No more dependency on the government, and waiting in line for toilet paper and vodka.

But Obama can’t stand that. So the relationship needs to be reset, and as the Washington Post reports,

“President Barack Obama called on Tuesday for Russia to forge a true partnership with the United States, promoting democracy and the rule of law as ideals to follow…”

I couldn’t have read that right? Obama actually wants to bring democracy and the rule of law back to the US! Well there you have it…Obama is visiting Russia to learn about democracy and the rule of law! It’s amazing what they don’t teach at Harvard.

It does make sense, however that he go to Russia for a refresher in Democracy. Because these days Russia is certainly better at democracy and the rule of law than Amerika. In Amerika we have replaced government by the people and for the people, with government on the people.

Ours rulers are a group of Democrat elitists who essentially govern us without regard for what we want. The people of Amerika are not in charge. Our Politburo Amerikansky is made up of Democrat thugs like Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Dodd, Clinton, and so on, the ones who are really in charge. They remind us almost daily.

For example, the Politburo Amerikansky passed a $3.6T budget with no regard for our wants or needs. They were so brazen about it, we weren’t allowed to even view it, nor did they bother to read it. Then, against overwhelming opposition by the citizenry, the Politburo Amerikansky decided to bail out the auto-industry, they said to prevent bankruptcy. Outcome: Bankruptcy. Then they gave the auto-industry (the unions) just as much money—billions actually—to transition into bankruptcy.

Next, the House just passed the Climate Tax, again despite overwhelming opposition from the American people. It’s only $1.6T that we need to come up with to pay…to breathe. Who knew that just breathing would become a taxable offense? Regardless, it’s a small price for us to pay the Politburo Amerikansky for what we used to do for free. I understand that it’s for our own good.

Here’s the wrap:

food lineObama did not visit Russia on behalf of the US citizens…why start representing us now? Obama visited Russia to get them to change their evil democratic ways and hearken back to the good ol’ days of communism. He’s wondering what went wrong with the Soviet Union, and he’s there looking for answers.

In an interview, Obama credited—perhaps blamed is a better word—the Czechs and the Pols for ending the Cold War and lifting the Iron Curtain. Not surprising when you consider that Obama revises his website after every public appearance or the latest poll. Left to him and the rest of the liberal revisionists, Reagan would be stricken from our lexicon, or despised as “the man who did not allow communism to flourish.”

The Cold War as it pertains to Russia is over. However the new Cold War is being waged in the US. Obama and the rest of the Politburo Amerikansky are happy to usher us back to the good ol’ days— only this time, America will get to be the communists.

That’s my rant!

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