Obama Race Card Revoked

obamaracecard-1-LARGEObama went unscripted at the end of his recent healthcare sell-a-thon.   This time his pretty words failed him.  he didn’t mince them when he weighed in on a subject that admittedly he knew nothing about. Gates Gate. So as I explained in my previous blog, Obama decided to raise consciousness of America to police brutality.  He pulled the trusty Democrat race card.

Race pimps like Obama believe that the race card should be used at every opportunity.  It is necessary to remind America just how cruel America has been to blacks—and always will be according to liberals—regardless of the subject matter.

Thus, a discussion of healthcare begs to segue into a discussion of race, particularly when a white Cambridge cop oppresses a black Harvard elite.  As Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…”  And for the Democrats, blaming Republicans for racism is the most serious of potential crises—they can’t possibly let the real truth of the Democrats’ racism leak out.  That would be a crisis of monumental proportions!

In less than six months, Obama has advanced the discussion of race back to the 1950’s. For the historical purist you may find our time reminiscent of when Democrats were oppressing blacks unfettered, only this time it’s all inclusive—it includes anybody who dares go against the liberal establishment.  At this pace, racial “devolution will regress back to the Wilson era and Democrats were calling themselves Progressives!

Another reason to make a routine 911 call about a house invasion into a full-blown racial conflagration is Obama saw the Gates incident as an opportunity to regain some of the emotion that he has been losing in the black community. Nothing rallies blacks more than an attack on whites.  An attack on the “establishment,” which in this case was a “racist cop,” well this is second only to attacking rich, white Republican men…or Sarah Palin. Everybody just trying to keep a Martha’s Vineyard vacationing, highly-compensated race-baiting Harvard professor down.  What an example Gates offered for Obama to show black people (and white meddling Democrats) that racism is still alive and well, and that police are one of the chief instigators. It should be evident to us all that Gates obviously had NO chance to succeed in life, because of the oppression of white police officers and “the man.”

The good news is that Obama is finding that like Alford proved to Barbara Boxer, conservatives are fed up with the discussion always being waged in order to demonize us. Conservatives are slowly awakening to understand that there is such a thing as reverse racism.  In the Gates case, the facts are proving that the police officer was the victim and Gates was indeed the perpetrator. 

Realizing this, Obama and the complicit media have now shifted the arguments to racial profiling and abuse of power.  I agree…Gates did both!  The reason the argument has morphed is the case on its merits reeks of nothing more than Democrat elitism.  The new strategy is to deflect, then attack. 

So there is a new change in our lexicon.  Now neighbors seeing two black men “jimmying” another neighbor’s home is defined as “profiling.”   Normal people just consider “black,” as adjectives to describe the potential perpetrators of the potential crime. After all, it wasn’t two Asian men jimmying the door, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It was supposedly “two black men” attempting to get into a home.  Lo and behold, that exactly what it was! 

What of the discussion of “being vigilant and good neighbors?” I’d say this neighbor was a good Samaritan who was aiding the Cambridge police, and helping his neighbor.  That neighbor was saying to potential crooks targeting that neighborhood, “Stay out, because our neighborhood watch is on guard.” 

Here’s the wrap:

black_power_finalThere is no potential crisis in a discussion around “good citizenship.”  But there is a potential crisis in exposing the Democrats’ dirty little secret.   Despite the fact that America has elected a black man to the highest office in the land, and what has at least in the past been the most powerful office in the world, Obama still wants blacks to feel inferior.

In an effort to put the genie back in the bottle, Obama has invited the police officer and Gates to “have a beer” at the White House.   Broker peace to the firestorm of his own creation.  More like Obama is still searching for his way out of the rat hole.

Now you may be thinking that “…racism is not a big deal, Kev, and it’s a stretch to say that the Democrats are afraid of race being put back on them.”  To you I say, Obama could be dealing with Korean missiles, Iranian nuclear facilities, the economy, or a host of other more pressing issues.  Instead he is trying to spin this discussion from black, racist, Harvard elitist’s attempt to intimidate a white police officer, to a discussion of racial profiling and abuse of power—the cop’s potential issues.

You won’t see this discussion be about racism or Gates’ attempt to ruin the career of an officer doing his job by pulling the race card.  There will be no discussion of how black Ivy League elites have replaced the white bourgeois of the 1950’s, and how society plans on dealing with them.

Finally, shouldn’t the president have better things to do, than to broker a beerfest over something like this? Sure…if this wasn’t a potential crisis! And the crisis is Democrats don’t want America to explore their racism…past and present!

That’s my rant!

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