Obama's Teachable Moment

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The White House BeerFest is over and the “teachable moment” has ended. I’m curious as to exactly what America was actually taught?

In what was sold as the most transparent administration in the modern era, Obama’s teachable moment had a “gag order.”  The conversation sealed until the next millennia, or some unspecified time when Amerika can be graced with Obama’s “words.”  Perhaps the people of the year 3000 will get to hear this profound audio, and know how to deal with race issues, issues created when a puppet dictator decides to weigh in on issues “above his pay grade.”  Until then, the rest of us will have to just rely on common sense and know that smart presidents simply ignore the non-event of cops doing their jobs.

This meeting made possible by the stupidity of the Harvard elitists—Great minds ruined by Higher Education!” – The Black Sphere

Because of Obama’s meddling, BeerFest was held on the White House lawn, where America was treated—in video, sans audio— to Obama attempting to look like the Average Joe. In fact, in an effort to achieve “balance,” “Below Average” Joe Biden was present.  Three elitist versus one cop…the elitists were grossly understaffed!

As for Biden’s presence, well it certainly explains the gag order.  Joe says the darndest things sober! So imagine what the first black Vice President would have said in an alcohol induced stupor?

The President got unclean on this deal. Barack screwed the pooch!  I don’t think he has a Chinaman’s chance to get out of this one. I mean the jig is up!  He Jap-slapped himself on this deal!  I’m getting hungry here. Can somebody find us a Mexican to make a run to Taco Bell or an Indian to make a donut run? What…what’d I say?!”

From what we were told, there were no apologies issued by either side.  Obama said little, as he was on his Blackberry changing the internet reporting of the incident. Black Harvard professors would never admit to being wrong, despite eye-witness reports of Gate’s bombastic behavior.  Crowley had nothing to apologize for, evident by his mere presence at the White House.  Black racists like Obama don’t invite you to the show, unless there is something to be gained for them

Watching the video of Beer-A-Palooza was difficult for me, as I felt sympathy for Crowley.  It was like he was invited to watch the Superbowl with Jimmy Johnson, and found himself at a Harvard lecture on

“Racism in the New Millenium and Its Impact on the Dichotomy of the American Psyche in the 21st Century and the Political Ramifications of Bi-Racial Pontification – A Teachable Moment” – Professor Barack Hussein Obama, Harvard J.D.

More like a Twilight Zone moment, where Crowley enters the scene, and Obama, Biden, and Gates are discussing Nietzsche, who said:

All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” Well said, Nietzsche!

Here’s the wrap:

Man sleepingObama wants this story to go away.  This situation exposes Obama’s stupidity on many levels. 

He chimed in on a situation where truly smart people would have simply said, “I’m not sure, but I trust the justice system will handle things appropriately.”  But Obama didn’t, because he saw this as a “teachable moment.”  He would teach America how whites have oppressed black people, and the role cops play by racial profiling and abusing their power.

There was that silly 911 tape, and eye-witnesses. Then the annoying BIG union of Boys in Blue, who don’t like it when they do their jobs, and are criticize for it. Finally, Obama is finding the hypnotic effect of his words wearing off.

As for lesson learned, I’d say Crowley learned that being waterboarded would be more fun than attending a beer bash with two racist Harvard elitists and a “Below Average” Joe.

That’s my rant!

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