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Obama family

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The Obama’s must be black royalty.  Who else can get away with pimping poverty to black people, then living like Kennedy’s—without guilt or remorse?  The Obama’s pimping of black people makes Sharpton and Jackson look like pigs on ice.  Nobody in history has risen so fast on the backs of poor blacks, than the Obama’s, and that includes those famous black Hillbillies, the Clintons.  These two black Democrat presidents are proving that poverty is the new wealthy.

Michelle now wears $600 Lanvin tennis shoes, and $6000 purses.  I didn’t even know you could pay that much for such things.  That’s like having a Korean car on one arm and solid down payment for another on your feet!  God only knows what the rest of her wardrobe cost, but I bet it could feed a Kenyan village.

Barry caught no grief for his wardrobe improvement during the campaign, and one can only bet that he gets the best threads, now that he is the Head Negro in Charge.  Typically I might not begrudge America’s First Family of such indulgences. However this family was supposed to be for the poor.  Psyche!  The rise of the Obama is nothing short of amazing, when you consider that Obama had to borrow cab fare to get home from the 2000 convention…oh, and that he has done nothing to earn it and is a no talent hack.

Now Obama  is his own industry, built on sand.  His does have books, and plates!  Obama plates are in black homes all over Amerika.  I even saw one at a BBQ joint near my house.  These black proprietors had all kinds of Obama paraphernalia.  White meddling Democrats may have voted for Obama, but most were not stupid enough to buy his plate.  They left that “investment” for black folks.  And the plate has indeed mimicked the stock market, dropping from a high of $25.95 to just north of “Please steal this plate.”

Nevertheless the Obama’s dream of Black Camelot was destined to happen, especially once Barry weaseled his way into the US Senate.  That’s when the Obama’s got a cushy loan for a phat house in an exclusive area of Chicago.  This was the type of loan “ordinary people” don’t get…just the elite. During this same time Michelle got that job as a “hospital administrator” making sick money—pardon the ebonics pun.  Michelle’s position and income rose coincidentally with the “good fortune” of Barry.

Yet, with all the fortune that was coming the Obama’s way, they had not achieved Kennedy status at that time.  They were just like the rest of us—struggling millionaires trying to make ends meet.

How to break through to the real Politburo Amerikansy with that nagging citizenship issue for Barry?   Just ignore it!  A bit of strategery with the Clintons, and voila, the door was wide open to elite status.  Combine Muslim money, ACORN, and white racist Democrat elites and “presto chango” America is reborn—on the backs of the ignorant Democrats who voted for him, and at the expense of the achievers who didn’t.

Official elite status approved, Barry threw one helluva inauguration shindig, inviting all his favorite suckers.  Most expensive party in the history of America.  The type of party that gets white executives arrested and sent to jail.

Next, Michelle decides that The White House needs a new makeover.  It cost a few million, but the place was a mess– after “eight years of Bush”.

More parties, this time everybody wasn’t invited.  At these parties, the lucky are treated to $100 a pound Japanese beef!  Why so much? Are Japanese cows the size of pigs?

Here’s the wrap:

Obama PlateBarry Obama is supposed to invoke the black experience in America.  But from where I sit, he is nowhere near this.  Sure, Oprah Winfrey, black Hollywood moguls, black music artist. And like elitist Democrats, they are all for the most part pimping blacks people! Does anybody really think Russell Simmons or Diddy would run the risk of alienating their meal tickets by telling them the truth?!  They are just as invested in black ignorance as “the man.”

As for the Obama’s, it’s not a good idea to take nobodies who have accomplished nothing except documented corruption, and give the keys to the country.  Barry has all but ruined our credit!

And Barry has DK’d the poor—DK is “don’t know” in the vernacular.  Like his racist, elitist predecessors, he is giving out the occasionally “change.”  But make no mistake about it, the lifestyles of the poor will not rise as Barry’s has.  There won’t be any impromptu trips for America’s poor to do a little shopping in Paris, nor will there be $80,000 dates in New York.  No Amerika’s poor will get what they have been getting for some time.  The shaft.

Barry and Michelle however have never pimped this big.  So America does have Black Camelot…and don’t forget your plate.

That’s my rant!

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