Steele Needs to Step Up

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Let me speak for conservatives who are afraid to say the obvious:  Michael Steele is a bitter disappointment as RNC chair.  Like many others, I had high hopes for Steele, however Steele is little more than a cheap alloy, and not “steel” at all.  He is smart and articulate, and as the first black Vice-President Joe Biden would say, “That Negro is clean!”  Maybe there is still hope?

Admittedly I voted for Steele as Chairman of the RNC because he is black.  There.  I said it for all you who were thinking it.  I pulled that one right from the playbook of the liberal ignoramuses—the intelligentsia.”  However, unlike the racist who voted for Obama because he was “sorta” black, I am not racist at all.

My vote for Steele was really a “black guilt” vote for racist Democrats whose policies did not allow for the rise of a black RNC chairman until now.  Like most of the non-black Democrats who voted for Obama, this black conservative I am sad to say is underwhelmed by Steele thus far.

I became a fan of Steele, when he was on Fox doing commentary.  I found him quite affable, and he fooled me into believing he was a true conservative.   He is not—as he has demonstrated on more than one occasion—preferring to come off as too likable a guy to the Left.  I don’t want the Left to like the RNC chairman.  I want them to fear him!

What disappoints me most is Steele has no appetite, no passion for giving the Left serious beatdowns.  Steele is the black version of “more of the same,” when he is suppose to be Shaft.  The Left is attempting to destroy the best country in the world, and Steele is throwing rocks in a gun fight.  The people elected Steele to take on racism—and other crazy Leftisms—in a full frontal attack.

“Not wearing your cup, Lefty?”  [POW!] (swift kick to the crotch by the man of Steele…exit stage Right!)

Steele was elected to set the record straight about the Republican Party—from the perspective of a learned black man.  He was to show the world that, unlike what racist Democrats would like us to think about black folks, there are blacks who come packaged with intelligence, drive, passion, enthusiasm, work ethic, and other conservative values.  We are not all stupid liberals.  We don’t all have our pants hanging down below our butts, and walk around holding our “packages”.  We do not all want to drive Escalades, and have a record label.  Nor do most of us want to collect our “gubment” checks, unless we happen to work for the evil empire.  Simply put, there are many blacks who know that if we are victims, then we are most likely victims of ourselves…not America!

Steele missed a glorious opportunity during the Tea Parties, when Janeane Garofalo decided to become the self-proclaimed protector of the lowly Negro, calling Tea Party goers racists.  Steele should have been all over TV, giving an Ike Turner beatdown to that Hollywood huckster.  He could have gotten amazing face time on most networks extolling the virtues of the conservative movement, educating people of the history of Republicans in the battle for Civil Rights, and exposing the Democrats for whom they are…racist elitists users of black people.  But Steele was nowhere to be found.

Obama has given Steele many opportunities to confront racism, in that America has not been more racially polarized since the ‘60’s.  Obama gleefully ushers back the Democrat legacy of oppression and segregation, and is proof of a black man doing the bidding of his racist Democrat white handlers.  Like dismissing the intimidation case of the Black Panthers at the polling precinct.  That reeked of racism and hypocrisy.  Black Panthers intimidating white Republicans from voting—white Republicans being the group who freed blacks.  How much traction could Steele have gotten with that?!

Here’s the wrap:

hardcore conservativeIt’s time for Steele to step up or step out.  This weak-kneed, ankle-grabbing approach is not going to energize the base, nor will it provide outreach into the black community.   Black people need to know the truth about their captors–slave owners known as Democrats.  They need to know how the Democrats are playing them, and have the game explained.

If Steele starts fighting like a man, and not like a sissy, then he will unleash those hidden conservative voices in the black community.  Dissemination of the facts to blacks will give closeted conservative blacks a softer place to land.  A tougher stand will empower non-black conservatives, who are tired of being called racists and elitists.   I know this, because these are the people buying my book The BIG Black Lie (shameless plug).

Conservatives simply want someone with a voice to stand up for us, and do so with passion and fire.  Is that not too much to ask?  That the truth be told?

That’s my rant!

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