California Gov't Managing Sex and Drugs

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Pot smoking prostitutes, pimps, drug peddlers, and other perps may soon be in heaven. There is a possibility that they can deal, toke and have sex in the streets to their heart’s delight…as long as they partner with the California government!

Along with the potential to legalize marijuana, California is also reconsidering an initiative that arose in 2008 to legalize and thus tax prostitution. The world’s oldest profession is reintroduced to the world’s second oldest profession…government!

If private citizens were to do what the government is proposing, they would be called drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes and carted off to jail—along with the people they “service.” However, when you are dealing with the government you get the new definition for the vices of drug dealing, prostitution, and pimping: Pharmaceutical sales, Sex Therapy, and Sex Therapy Management. All for the sake of “revenue enhancement.”

I’m sure all the pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers in America are happy to know that their professions carry new more distinguished titles.  These former outlaw professions are now considered noble enough for the government to not only sanction, but to participate in them.

According to this article in SDNN, prostitutes are actually happy about this. They will be able to stand on street corners and peddle their wares unabashed, unmolested…at least by the cops. Pimps don’t seem too up in arms, though there is a new potential middleman extorting a piece of the profits. I checked with a pimp acquaintance of mine, and he calculates that he will actually save money, since he will no longer have to “buy” his girls out of jail.  He will also avoid the “fees” to stay operational under the police radar. So essentially the pimps have a pimp! And there is no pimp like a government pimp!

Drug dealers are not as upset at the potential loss of revenue from marijuana, as one might think. In my discussions with various naer-do-wells, they say that this new legislation, if passed will likely pave the way for legalization of their “more popular inventory.” I further learned from my contacts that this new move will allow drug dealers to become more focused.

Moving marijuana apparently is like shipping toilet paper—a lot of bulk for small profit [relative to other drugs]. The same load of black tar heroin, for example would be worth hundreds of times more. A shipment of cocaine of the same size can be cut and made into crack, again with exponential profit potential over marijuana. Crank requires no shipping, just local labs. So in short, the drug dealers see it as a positive that the government has expanded their position in the Pharmaceutical industry, as they feel this has the potential of opening Pandora’s Box.

And let’s not forget that Obama can take credit for the jobs created! It’s a win all around, at least how liberals define “win.”

What would it take for California to actually look at spending, and decide that they need to cut expenses? If two private citizens came to the conclusion that they have to resort to drug dealing, pimping, and prostitution, somebody would likely have an intervention with them. “Bill and Susan you don’t need ten flat screen TVs in a two-bedroom home!”

Here’s the wrap:

drug dealCalifornia refuses to tell its citizens that the state must tighten its belt, and instead chooses to enter the prostitution and drug dealing business. Why bother considering their policy towards illegal aliens being on the taxpayer dole, limiting welfare or other entitlements? No sense panicking lazy liberal voters that they may lose some of their benefits. Why should people getting government housing, food stamps, and checks go without their 52” flat-screen TVs, and Playstations?

Further, California shouldn’t be forced to limit the growth of government, or worse yet, stop taxing people and businesses into oblivion! Who do you think you are, Reagan!

In this proposed legislation, California demonstrates the level of depravity that liberals are willing to go to promote a socialist agenda. Never say die, even when you make pimps, prostitutes and perps out of your citizens. Anybody think that California is considering the message this is sending to its youngsters? In fact they are! As the article says, “‘It’s safer having sex with a girl at the brothel than a girl from your church.’” Who knew church was a bigger cesspool than inner city back alleys and brothels? At least we now know where to go for salvation. No, the government, stupid!

That’s my rant!

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