Carnahan is the Real Clunker

Today, Congressman Russ Carnahan (D) held a press conference at a Ford dealership to showcase “Cash for Clunkers.” I’m not surprised that Carnahan believed that playing the shell game with American taxpayers’ money is a good program, worthy of a press conference.

It’s not enough that the Fed has given over $60B dollars to the GM and Chrysler, because they were “too big to fail.” Guess what? They failed! The Democrats gave them billions more to “transition into bankruptcy.” How do companies apply for that little government benefit…underachieve!

Now the Democrats see the folly of their idea, so they have created a way to disguise the continued funding of the auto industry, and thus the unions. In what today has become a rounding error in the treasury, $1B of our money has gone to a small few. Now Carnahan wanted to explain why he will vote for $2B more. He certainly won’t be asking our opinion of the program. And after the $2B is spent, Carnahan will call a press conference to tell us what our $4B is doing, then $8B, and so on. That’s how the liberals do things…death by a thousand paper cuts.

Don’t think that Carnahan’s selection of a Ford dealer was not contrived. Ford was the only company who didn’t take stimulus money. Had Carnahan held this event at a GM or Chrysler dealership, it would be pretty stupid…giving Americans “cash for clunkers” to buy our OWN cars. We have already paid for thousands of these cars!

$6B would buy 3 MILLION cars at an average cost of $20,000! That’s right, three million families could have FREE cars, and that is just with the investment in the auto-industry this year. That doesn’t include all the previous years, nor does it include the billions given to GM and Chrysler to “transition into bankruptcy.”

Yeah Russ, thanks for selling us on the idea of how you have decided to spend OUR money!

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