Carnahan Selling Kervorkian Timeshares

kevorkian_jackI was unable to attend the Carnahan Aging in America Townhall tonight. I was leery of letting down my fellow conservatives, particularly in light of the Democrat-sponsored union and other thugery that happened in Tampa earlier today.  However, I had another commitment.  Thankfully this event was peaceful in comparison to Tampa, where a fight broke out, and arrests were made.

Carnahan was attempting to sell timeshares to senior citizens at the new government run Kervorkian Retirement Centers for the Aged. The AARP endorses the idea, and they have ordered more busses under which to throw America’s senior citizens.

Anyway, enough with my take, below is a friend of mine’s (Miriam) eyewitness recap of what happened at the event.  You will see that the Democrats have to import their supporters (thugs), and rigged it so they were already there before the true Americans arrived.  This was likely done, so conservatives wouldn’t have to witness the “kicking and screaming” as the Dems supporters were dragged in. 

Russ Carnahan Aging in America Town Hall – South St. Louis County (Miriam’s Take)
The crowd was huge – this event was held in my neighborhood and I have never seen that kind of traffic jam in front of the school. We were told by county police that we could not take signs inside. When we got inside they asked us to sign in if we had not rsvp’d. Those that rsvp’d were pulled ahead in the line – once inside I knew why. They reserved ½ of the seating area for Organizing for America – “because we need to show our support for President Obama” the lady told me.
About 450 got inside – about 100 locked outside. I am sure the 100 outside were our folks that couldn’t get in because the “rsvp” group were let in ahead of them.
union thugACORN, SEIU, Clean Energy for America and other St Louis union members were there. My guess is the crowd was about 50/50. Their side continually “sssshhhhhed” us. Our side stood often and turned their backs to the podium.
After the pledge of allegiance (which we said with more pride) Russ took plenty of time to intro his organizers and staff and mention all of the Democrat elected officials present. We had to shout and point to Republican State Rep Walt Bivins to get him ackolowledged by the congressman.
There was a large panel of presenters telling us how to get into the government system that currently assists the elderly. Russ sat at the end of the panel table with that same old blank look on his face.
The emcee reminded us often to show respect and if we weren’t interested we could leave. That really offended me – I pay property taxes in that school district unlike most of the democrat thugs they shipped in.
votekevorkianThe poor AARP presenter had the toughest time of all – he was shouted down often!
In the audience there was plenty of those “one on one” confrontations to watch.
When the panelists finally finished – Russ got up and huddled with a few police and plain clothes security guys. The emcee said “okay we will now take questions”. And she began to read the first pre-written question. It was a three parter of softballs with the third part saying something like “Thank you Rep Carnahan for all of your hard work…” I couldn’t hear the rest over the boos of the crowd.
Russ stepped to the podium to answer the question over the shouting – and then – then – then – he looked at his watch…. And then announced he would answer this question but then he had an interview downtown to get to……. If anyone wanted to stay the panel would be happy to answer more questions….
I don’t think anyone could even hear his answer to the question over the noise of the crowd and next thing you know the police and staff slipped him out the back door!

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