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sean_hannityIf you’re tired of not having your voice heard, then read my book, The BIG Black Lie and get others to do so. This blog will explain why we need more voices! I hope you enjoy it.

For some time now my team and many people who follow my blog have felt that I should be the “right guy on the screen” on Fox News, when they do “point/counterpoint” discussions. Admittedly, I have felt that I could add a bit more zest than some guests from time to time. I haven’t made it to this point, so I will just weigh in from here.

Recently Hannity used video shot by my friend Darrin Morley, of me questioning of Russ Carnahan—“If it’s [healthcare proposal] so good, then why doesn’t Congress want to be on it?” It would seem only fair for his producers to track down the guy who started the controversy—if truth is controversial—and provided the subject matter for his show.  But that call didn’t come.

My rightfully angry publicist contacted the Hannity producers for quid pro quo, and she submitted my latest blog regarding the reverse racism that I believe occurred in “Gates Gate.” The response from Hannity’s team was essentially that I was fishing for racial controversy. Really?!

For the record, I like Hannity, and I love what he does for our troops, and I enjoy his show. However, at the risk of never appearing on Fox, I offer my comments and critique of Hannity and his team:

As I say in my book The BIG Black Lie race is THE biggest issue Republicans confront in dealing with liberals. Race is also the single biggest reason we lose elections, as the “race card” is usually hidden inside of other issues. I would be happy to debate Hannity—or anybody else—on this subject. The Democrats use race in the most inane ways, and our most powerful pundits allow them to get away with it. And when it comes to dealing properly with the race issue, one of America’s most trusted conservative messengers, Sean Hannity is off his game. Hannity missed an opportunity with Whoopi Goldberg, when she offered the following on his TV show:

GOLDBERG: We understood that. But we couldn’t vote until 1968 in the entire country. That’s the piss off. That’s the piss off. That’s our lifetime. Now, as a kid, I don’t know, I don’t know how aware of that you were.

HANNITY: Of course I’m aware.

Hannity missed an opportunity to explain the racist history of Democrats and the Republican’s glorious past with respect to race relations.  “Of course, I’m aware.” Aware of what Sean?!

Black men got the right to vote with the passage of the 15th amendment in 1870. Whoopi got the right to vote in 1920 along with all other women in America, except the women of Wyoming, who could vote as early as 1869.  And it was Republicans who got blacks these rights, not Democrats! For years Republican’s fought for the rights of blacks to vote and sponsored or co-sponsored every piece of legislation to protect these rights. The reason black people didn’t vote everywhere in 1968, as Whoopi proclaimed was out of fear from racist Democrats and Democrat organizations like the KKK.

That is what Hannity should have “been aware of”!

Instead American conservatives watching were left to feel—yet again—apologetic for the wickedness of Democrats, instead of empowered by learning that we have nothing to be ashamed of!

The next opportunity for Hannity to educate came when a young black caller to his radio show, Mike informed America that blacks “hear different than whites.” He said that hearkening back to the good ol’ days connoted a meaning for blacks on being taken back to slavery.

Hannity could have educated this young black man (and most of America) that the abolitionist movement was spearheaded by Republicans. Further Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and so many others black abolitionists—all Republicans, as were 95% of blacks at the time. Hannity should have been explained to him that as a Democrat, Mike was voting for his own tormentors—past and present.

Instead, Hannity’s response was [pp], “…slavery was an atrocity, ” implying that it was Republicans who were responsible for slavery. Thus by omission it is Republicans who were responsible for this young black man’s trauma at “hearing different.” No Mike, it was the Democrats who had blacks in bondage, and who continue to keep blacks in bondage.

Hannity, like most non-black Republicans, appears to be afraid to address the issue of racism and slavery, as if there is something for us to lose. It’s quite the opposite—we can do nothing but GAIN! Most liberal blacks are not listening to Hannity anyway, they are listening to the lamestream presstitutes! So when Hannity gets somebody on the show, especially young black liberals with warped views, he must educate.

Conservative blacks who do listen to Hannity would like all Americans to know what we already know…WE are not the sellouts, Uncle Tom’s, house Negroes, tokens, wannabes, or as I was called recently, a “Clarence Thomas”—I took it as a compliment. It is incredulous that black Democrats don’t recognize that it is they who are the sellouts, Uncle Tom’s, and anything but “Clarence Thomases”—they don’t deserve such high praise. Consider the Paradox of Blackness, where blacks consider it disparaging to call another black person a “Clarence Thomas.” As most blacks would say, “He ain’t black.”

It’s a shame that Clarence Thomas wasted his life becoming an attorney, rising to the highest level of achievement in his professional career—a Supreme Court judge. Thomas could have done so much! Think of all those black communities that needed drug dealers, pimps, and other street thugs! Here’s a book likely found in most elitist Democrat libraries: The Clarence Thomas Story: A Life Wasted.

Non-black Republicans abhor being labeled racists, ad nauseum, because Democrat racist outnumber Republican racist 100 to 1. Many Republicans are learning from my book The BIG Black Lie who the real racists are. It’s time Hannity learn who they are as well. When did Republicans become afraid of telling the truth, especially when it’s on our side?!

Here’s the wrap:

great moments fdr and kjTo Hannity’s producer(s), I say to you that I don’t CREATE racist stories. I merely show the rest of America what you guys and others miss routinely.

To jog your memories, here are a few other examples of how race is used by the liberals: Hillary Clinton’s glorification of Margaret Sanger, Barbara Boxer’s treatment of Harry Alford, and of course my contrived racism surrounding Gates’ attempt to use race to taint a police officer doing his job. How many more examples do we need to know that this is an issue that won’t go away, as long as America believes Republicans and other conservatives are the bad guys? The ONLY way this issue goes away is when racism is put where it belongs…on the Left!

I say to all conservative heavyweight pundits, if you have the opportunity to get an unapologetic conservative Republican and proud American—who happens to be black—on your show, I suggest you TAKE it. I think America is ready for the real straight talk. And whether or not I get on Hannity’s show, or anybody else’s show on Fox, I promise to keep setting the record straight.

That’s my rant!

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