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It's Cool to be a Tea Bagger!

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At a recent gathering, Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the GOP for the state of Missouri informed the crowd that the Obama team targeted red states in an unprecedented media and new media campaign. They were efficient and effective, so much so that they won every state that they targeted…except Missouri.

Recent national media coverage by Fox News of Missouri might explain why Missouri was able to withstand the onslaught of the Obama machine in 2008. It seems that Missourians are plugged in, as exampled by their taking Congressman Russ Carnahan to task at his recent Townhall Meeting. Carnahan’s overwhelming support [has voted 100% with Obama] of Obama’s policies, specifically policies on socialized healthcare and Cap and Trade are viewed in Missouri as the government’s blatant disregarding of the people. Carnahan’s Townhall was not to explore both sides of the issue as claimed, but simply to try to convince the people to accept the decision that he had made for us. Needless to say, what Carnahan thought would be a cake walk, turned into a food fight!

Senator Claire McCaskill has had similar misadventures for much the same reasons as Carnahan. McCaskill offers little more than an echo chamber of Obama policy initiatives. The Democrats have become so confident in Missouri that in a recent peaceful protest, McCaskill’s office called the police on law-abiding citizens, exercising their rights to showcase their views to McCaskill.

The protest was a desperation move on the part of Missouri conservative citizens, because up to that point McCaskill had refused to respond to phone calls, a petition with 10,000 signatures from SOS Ballot, email, or any other potential method of communication with her bosses…us!

The matter received so much national attention—negative press—that McCaskill had another meeting at her office. This was meant to be a show of force by the other side of the issue and was completely staged—prefab signs and paid shills. The event did not achieve what McCaskill had hope for.

Unable to gain the political upper hand from the staged event, McCaskill organized a third Townhall discussion. This time Democrat operatives sent out communiqués asking their supporters to attend. As they say, “McCaskill called for a Townhall meeting, and a Tea Party broke out!”

The very same Tea Parties that Obama said on Good Morning America that he, “didn’t know were happening,” Tea Parties that people like Janeane Garofalo claims are racist. These Tea Parties are starting to show their real effect on the American political system. Democrat strategists are no longer mocking the Tea Party movement, but are now trying to mobilize against it.

Apparently the budget cuts are hitting the DNC hard, as Tea Baggers typically outnumber even paid shills geometrically at these events. The Tea Baggers are not intimidated and are speaking out. Tea Party opponents are seeing people who look and act like them. There is no racial strife at these events, and I have yet to see one person I would define as an elitist. The Tea Baggers are just “Average Joe’s” who are speaking with passion on the things that affect their lives and the lives of their children. And their individual, uncontrived messages are resonating with the Left at these events.

Make no mistake about it, the Tea Party movement has the Left very concerned. Panicked is a likely better description. The Left tried downplaying Tea Parties at first, pretending that the Tea Party movement didn’t exist. They figured the Tea Parties would just fizzle like all things conservative. A few large events, followed by silence and inactivity. The Left figured the double entendre of “tea bagging” would be a negative, and the term “Tea Party” would fade from our lexicon. Eventually we would all go back to our mansions, jets, yachts, cushy jobs, neglecting our children—that’s what nannies are for. Ahhh, the life of the average Tea Bagger!

“Tea Baggers” have lost many of those 3.7M jobs lost since January. Many are feeling the impact of a $3.6T “stimulus” that has been anything but stimulating. We are seeing our money being spent on union bailouts and redistributed to many who simply don’t deserve it.

When St. Louis Tea Party movement organizers Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessey started this, they wanted a movement that would become grass roots, and remain entrenched at the local level. The warning to all bureaucrats was to be, “You work for us!” The larger events have spawned many smaller Tea Parties each weekend in and around St. Louis. Tea Bagger are from organizations like Americans for Prosperity, iheardthepeoplesay, Americans for Fair Taxation and many others, all uniting to say, “Enough already! Everything is not a crisis. Read the bills!”

Here’s the wrap:

tea_bag_squirrelMissouri is proving that “numbers do matter!” And the number of concerned citizens showing up to these Townhall meetings is rattling Missouri politicians, like McCaskill and Carnahan. This has spread around the country! Democrats supporting socialized medicine are cancelling Townhall meetings, because they can’t stand the heat. Here are a few examples:

NY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi-erv1O2sU (hat tip: Ray Walker)
Texas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-gTJqU7VoU (hat tip: WND.com)
Minnesota: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8VU_dS_3OU (hat tip: WND.com)

Politicians (in this case mainly Democrats) are used to people just staying home cursing at the TV, doing nothing. Not this time, however. It’s cool to be a Tea Bagger.  And it looks like the rest of the country is following the lead of Missouri, the one lone Republican stronghold in 2008.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, people in America are doing their “ups”: Getting UP, showing UP, and following UP! They are saying to politicians like Carnahan and McCaskill, “Step in to my office…because you’re FIRED!”

That’s my rant!

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