Meet the Mobsters!

join_my_mobWhat are all these taxpaying citizens attending the Townhall meetings so upset about anyway? The government doesn’t want to take over healthcare, despite Obama’s comments while campaigning:

“…won’t be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately…” or “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer healthcare coverage. That’s what I’d like to see.”

Who are you going to believe, Obama or your lyin’ eyes?!

If you do believe your lyin’ eyes and are voicing your concerns, then you are an extremist, who is now part of a mob…a mobster!

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), the swastika-wearing mobsters are financed by the insurance industry! The new “boogeyman of the moment.” I verified that “Racism” is on vacation this week, thus unavailable to be the boogeyman.

The financing from insurance companies is paying off, because mobsters are donning Brooks Brothers at these protests. In fact, the mobsters are so well-dressed that they garnered the attention of Barbara Boxer. Boxer apparently is not used to mobsters in her hood being so dapper, and dare this Negro say…so uppity.

Mobs looking like working middle-class Americans?! Outrageous! Couldn’t the insurance company executives hire mobsters that look like the Democrats’ shills–scurrilous and unkempt, the true unwashed?! Apparently not, as ACORN was already under an exclusive contract with the DNC. So those ruthless insurance execs were forced to get middle-class Americans led mostly by conservatives! The good news is that under Obama there were many conservative middle-class Americans available due to massive job losses created by his policies.

You didn’t hear it here, but I learned that without making a single phone call or paying a single dime, those insurance executive devils got those conservative idiots to protest for FREE! Recall how sneaky they were in getting billions of dollars from the Democrats when ObamaNation came on the scene to deal with the financial and insurance “crises.” Those insurance execs are GOOOOOD!

Still, why all the consternation by mobsters about the government providing healthcare? Healthcare reform is FOR the people! It is part of what a socialist government does—provide for the people. The small, elite few providing for the minions, the masses, the mobsters! Is there a reason for concern by the mobsters?

According to the 2009 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report, in 2016Social Security will begin paying out more than it takes in. I will publicly test my psychic abilities and predict that in order to address the social security shortfall, the Democrats will…raise the minimum age when people can begin collecting social security!

Not convinced that I have “the gift?” Ok, here’s is another prediction that I am sure will convince you of my paranormal prowess. I predict that along with rasing the minimum age you can begin receiving social security benefits, the government will also raise the social security tax! Note that there is no mandated cap on either of these two variables. Surprise!

As you can see the government has a fix for social security, so maybe the mobsters are concerned by what is happening in another government run program, this one directly related to healthcare—Medicare. AARP references this report from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

WASHINGTON — The financial future of the Social Security and Medicare programs continues to deteriorate, with both headed for insolvency sooner than previously projected, according to a report released Tuesday..”

The recession is speeding up the timetable under which each program would run out of money…for Medicare, the bank account will be empty in just eight years

So what Medicare is technically broke? As Biden said, [pp] “Let’s just spend our way out of debt!” The mobsters are just alarmists, stirring up trouble at these Townhalls, because the government always finds a way. Medical service is as dependable as the US mail. Really?!

Then it will come as no surprise to any of us the fate befalling the USPS, as reported by Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Aug 5 (Reuters) – The U.S. Postal Service reported a quarterly net loss of $2.4 billion on Wednesday, blaming the recession for a drop in mail volume and saying it may need to cut mail delivery to five days a week from six..”

The agency, which delivers nearly half the world’s mail, said it could face a year-end cash shortfall of up to $700 million despite aggressive actions to cut costs.

It has reported net losses in 11 of the last 12 quarters.

Mail volume dropped 14.3 percent to 41.6 billion pieces in the fiscal third quarter to June 30 compared with a year earlier.

The agency has struggled with falling mail volumes for years due to the increased use of email and competition from Fedex (FDX.N), United Parcel Service (UPS.N) and other delivery services

Here’s the wrap:

heathcareprotest2The post office’s solution to deal with the shortfall…cut back services. No sense evaluting the business. It’s only taxpayer money, i.e. plenty more where that came from. With this government business logic, let’s just deliver mail once day a week. I bet profits will rise sharply.

And while we are at it, let’s just raise the minimum social security age to 80. I bet that will stretch out the “date of demise” for at least another decade! Isn’t that what it’s about. Putting the problem further and further into the future, until our great-great grand children have NO chance at the American Dream?

The government runs no program efficiently and even fewer effectively. Nationalizing healthcare is about controlling a huge amount of money. Healthcare is another manipulatable system, and one where the government will have even more power over life and death.

The mobsters are protesting government wanting to spend trillions of our dollars on yet another boondoggle. Oh, and we don’t like having to get sick only during the week, before 3P, and not on weekends.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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