SEIU Protest in St. Louis

PIC_0010In an effort to show the SEIU that St. Louis Tea Party patriots are not intimidated by their tactics, Bill Hennessey and other St. Louis Tea Party folks organized a protest AT the location of SEIU, the group sent by Russ Carnahan to beat down protesters who disagreed with his position on healthcare.  The SEIU office location was selected show the Democrat UNION thugs, that they don’t need to look for us. We will come to them!

This isn’t the ’60’s, when Democrats beat down blacks openly. Democrat tactics like those of the Democrat enforcers, the KKK, simply won’t scare the true American patriots.  Like the great Republican, Martin Luther King, Jr, we are here to stay.  This fight however is not for equality, it is a fight for representation by our elected officials, and not having legislation forced upon us.

Russ Carnahan, the Democrat Congressman who sicked the union thugs on the peaceful protesters to the gangland takeover of healthcare was a no show.  So was Obama, the person who represents all Americans when he says, “hit back, twice as hard.” 

Bill had an answer for them.

Apparently conservative blacks are the new coloreds of the ’60’s, especially if they disagree with Obama.  Ken Gladney is the black protester the Democrat UNION thugs selected to send a message to the rest of the black community, and for anybody supporting them.

Ken was present at the event today, though still heavily medicated. You can see from the video that Ken is not an intimidating person, and likely hasn’t fought anybody in years, if ever. Yet it was he, who was singled out by the TWO brutish thugs, one of whom was black.

Here is my short discussion with Ken:

I wish Ken God-speed in his recovery, and know that we won’t stand by and let this happen again! America is sick of Chicago-style politics.  I hope Ken sues the two thugs, Russ Carnahan, the SEIU, and finallyObama for “sending in the clowns.”

It is clear that Democrats don’t like when a smart black  person escapes the plantation.  They sent one of our own to “retrieve that uppity Negro!” This is the type of activity that has many blacks afraid to speak out in our own communities, even our own families.  Anybody noticed that neither Sharpton nor Jackson have said a word. Right color, wrong politics!

Lucky for America, Ken is an “America first” patriot.  He understands that years of Democrats pandering to blacks to get our votes have devastated the black community. 

We lead the nation, per capita in unemployment, single parent homes, blacks in prison (outright!), crime infested neighborhoods, welfare recipients. We have the lowest high school graduation rates, lowest home ownership, lowest entrants to college, and lowest college graduation rates.  Abortion rates in the black community are twice the national average, and we were declared the most religious group in America.  I say on behalf of all blacks in America, “Thank you, Democrats and poverty pimping black “leaders” for making blacks the laughing stock of America!”

That’s my rant!

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