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Ted Kennedy's Legacy?

ted kennedy

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I don’t want to be completely heartless, as I do have sympathy for those who will miss Teddy Kennedy. I’m just not one of those people. For me Teddy Kennedy was just another spoiled, alcoholic, liberal fat cat, who got away with murder.

Today however, the news will report that a great man died. They will say how he was a wonderful legislator, and that he “reached across the aisle” in a bi-partisan effort to help all Americans. You will hear things like dedicated father, family member, friend, patriot, American, and a host of other platitudes that Kennedy frankly doesn’t deserve.

Kennedy was good at one thing: Being a Kennedy! Actually, he was just ok at that.

Teddy Kennedy was a relic of a bygone era—an icon who never should have been an icon. When you really analyze what Kennedy accomplished in his life and career, the answer is nothing except being a Kennedy. In truth, Kennedy’s career was really about one quintessential thing: Keeping Democrats in power—by whatever means necessary.

Kennedy literally had NO idea what it is like to be black or any concept of being poor. Teddy was born into a life of luxury, and I’m not talking “nouveau riche, don’t blink when you buy a Ferrari.” Kennedy money is “don’t blink when you buy an island!” Teddy was handed everything, having lost the only thing his family could not steal—a second time—the presidency. Even with his Kennedy lineage, Teddy couldn’t earn that.

When people speak of the Kennedys, you hear things like “The Kennedy Compound,” “Camelot,” “legacy.” Let’s examine that legacy briefly.

Kennedy’s father, Joseph was recalled as Ambassador to Britain, because he was deemed to be too sympathetic to the Nazis. I’d say the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree on that one. And in case you missed the earlier reference, it was Papa Joe who stole the election from Nixon, so the Kennedy political dynasty could begin.

Next and most notable Kennedy son, JFK voted against the Republican sponsored 1957 Civil Rights Act, because supporting the rights of Negroes would have hurt his chances to defeat Nixon in 1960. Then came Democrat icon Bobby Kennedy who said that he wouldn’t lose any sleep worrying about the plight of the Negro. Finally there is Teddy…”the other white meat” Kennedy.

Teddy Kennedy’s purported legacy was devoted health care, as he told the Boston Globe recently:

“He remained determined to fulfill what he called “the cause of my life,” providing health insurance to all Americans. He helped draft legislation to overhaul the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system.

Kennedy’s interest in healthcare dated from his son’s bout with cancer in the 1970s. More recently, he cited his own illness as he made a case for reform.

“I’ve benefited from the best of medicine, but I’ve also witnessed the frustration and outrage of patients and doctors alike as they face the challenges of a system that shortchanges millions of Americans,” he wrote in a May 28, 2009, issue of the Boston Globe.”

To show you the hypocritical nature of Teddy, recently he wanted the law changed to the advantage of the Democrats, urging Massachusetts lawmakers to change state law so the governor, if necessary, could quickly fill a Senate vacancy as the chamber debates the contentious healthcare issue.

Interestingly enough Kennedy had fought against this same change in the law when Republican Mitt Romney was governor. Whatever it takes to keep the Democrats large and in charge, and oppressing!

Here’s the wrap:

woman drownigIt is ironic that Kennedy died of brain cancer, since I contend that he really didn’t have a brain. If he did however, I would suggest his brain be studied for the defect of liberalism. Maybe because liberalism infected a Kennedy, science will try to cure it.

As for Kennedy’s legacy, he will have to accept the great Democrat legacy of the destruction of the black family, thus the black community. Thankfully for America, Kennedy was unable to accomplish his dream for healthcare in America, or it would affectionately been known as “DeathCare” by now. In using his own illness to showcase American healthcare, Kennedy said what we already know. He “benefitted from the best of medicine, but…”

With Democrats, there is always that “but,” at least when they know they can profit politically or financially from “but“.

America should know that by Kennedy’s standards healthcare in America is broken. With all that money he had, doctors were not able to give him eternal life! He was a Kennedy for goodness sake! Maybe he just forgot to ask ObaMessiah for eternal life?

Yesterday a great man died indeed, somewhere. And the media won’t report it.

That’s my rant!

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