The Swastika "Crisis"

If you don’t want this stuff going on, consider investing in my book The BIG Black Lie. It will help conservatives to be strong in their convictions. The book is available on Amazon.

Here is what all the Nancy Pelosi Hitler-Palooza is about.  Go to this link for all the incendiary “hate signs” going on at the healthcare protests.

Then look at what is readily available about Bush doing a routine search of Bush Hitler on your search engine of choice.

Hitler 1

Hitler 5Hitler 2Hitler 6Hitler 7Hitler 3Hitler 8Hitler 9

Needless to say, Bush was never compared to Hitler!

What you have here is the Left using what they believe will get people of the REAL subject of their attempted takeover of healthcare.  They are angry that Obama’s policies are indeed reminders of what happened in Nazi Germany, so they have to demonize the messengers.  Meanwhile, as with all that is revisionist about the Left, what THEY did when Bush was president doesn’t count!

Also, what Pelosi wants people to not consider is that until the Democrats began sending their union thugs to these protests, they were boisterous at time, but they were peaceful.  Not anymore, and the Democrats are to blame.

Carnahan recently sicked his union thugs on a black man carrying “Don’t tread on me” signs.  Well he was treaded on, with guerrilla tactics by two union thug gorillas–IQs to match.  They are in jail, and a black conservative is in the hospital. No Nazi tactics there to shut down the opposition, hey Nancy?

Vote these stooges out of office, as soon as possible, so we can get true representation, and get the Republic of America back. Not a group of money grabbing elitists, who legislate at you.  This has been an Expose the Thugocracy moment!

That’s my rant!

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