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ACORN – Not Just Pimpin'


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I suggest we begin background checks on the people at ACORN, because they have straight up “gangstas” working in those offices!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we have not just discovered the training ground for Obama’s Czar Network! And why not!  ACORN appears to be made up of people experienced in setting up criminal enterprises, and in the latest video a woman admits to a premeditated murder.  Surely there is a spot in this administration for a tax-evading murderer and former “escort?”

Thanks to BigGovernment.com, and James and Hannah of course, and Fox News, the Senate had the good sense to vote 83-7 to deny housing and community grant funding to the non-profit organization, breaking off the second leg of the insect that is ACORN.  The first leg detached was ACORN’s removal from participating in the census. Before we begin celebrating however, let’s know how many more legs this insect has, so we know how many more need to be pulled off.

The fallout of this investigation thus far at “street level” is four low-level ACORN “field Negros” have been fired.  Don’t expect the Rathke’s to get hurt.  “Socialist” please! Here is what an ACORN spokesperson had to say:

ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis would not defend the employees in the video, but insists that the videos “are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist ‘filmmaker’ [James] O’Keefe and his partner in crime.”

What Bertha should have admitted is that the black women in these videos have been “doctored” and “edited,” and that the doctoring and editing has been done systematically by the Democrat Party.  These women are the product of the Democrats “seek and destroy” mission within the black community.  The outcome is a moral relativity that has these black women willing to put criminals in American communities, under the guise of “the greater good.”

ACORN minions in multiple locations appear to suffer from “group think”, as they are more than willing to help this couple in their criminal enterprise, as if there were talking points memos:  “If a white pimp and prostitute visit your office, help them no matter what?  Even if they bring in underage El Salvadoran girls for the purpose of prostitution.”  The more outrageous the criminality, the more ACORN appears willing to help.

It does make you wonder how this type of group-think would occur within ACORN offices?  Is this symptomatic of the black community?  After all, black people vote almost monolithically Democrat.  But are blacks the only ones?  As it turns out, there is another group that votes almost as monolithically as blacks, and that group is…the poor.

James and Hannah took their story to San Bernadino, CA, where they found, Teresa, a white ACORN employee who looked as they say, “rode hard and put up wet.”  She even admits to setting the stage for the eventual murder of her now dead husband, then makes no bones about killing again if necessary.   When informed about James’ and Hannah’s “business,” Teresa reveals that she too had been an escort, and goes on to explain how to run such a business without getting caught.  This seems to be a recurring theme at ACORN offices–how to skirt the system.

In the video James explains  to Teresa the persecution “their kind” go through, to which Teresa comments, “…you have those narrow-minded, you know, one-sided, let’s see, right wing…if they were liberals, they would be helping.”  Yes we can all see how liberals are “helping” America’s communities, spawning criminal enterprises.  Criminals helping criminals!

Here’s the wrap:

acorn-nutsACORN is a crooked, cancerous Democrat organization who should not receive one dime of taxpayer money.  Black or white, ACORN workers seem to care only about destroying America’s communities, placing pimps and prostitutes amongst us, without so much as a pregnant pause.

Maybe Obama can appoint an ACORN czar, who can do background investigations on ACORN employees?  Talk about job security!  I suspect that the crimes being committed by the people who work for ACORN would make neighborhood brothels look like little more than tanning salons.  This may be why ACORN employees are so willing to help.  ACORN would likely have set this pimp and prostitution business up, and then extorted James and Hannah, once the business was established.

As Teresa said in the video, this money is ending up at the highest levels of government, and I do mean the highest.  You don’t crawl through the sewer of Chicago politics, without getting the stench.  After all Obama was ACORN’s attorney, and knows the inner workings of that organization, and has openly supported ACORN. Oh to witness the scrambling going on in the White House on this issue?

At a vote of 83-7, practically unheard of in the Senate, you can see the Democrat rats jumping from the ship. It appears that even staunch liberal Democrats for the most part can follow the bread crumbs on this one.   This story is not over…

That’s my rant!

(c) Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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