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ACORN Pimpin' and Hoin'

PimpDemocrats have declared themselves the de facto party of civil rights, in spite of their dismal record on race in the past.  They are given a pass because Democrats are credited with establishing entitlements to deal with America’s poor and disenfranchised.

Over the years, Democrats have relied on these entitlements to maintain a continual underclass with programs like welfare, while federal agencies did the dirty work of keeping the poor trapped in the system.  Fed entitlement programs became a Hotel California of sorts, where as the lyrics of the song say, “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.”  The poor find themselves trapped in a system that seduces, then strangles.

Like all good systems, the entitlement system set up by Democrats has evolved, with non-profit organizations being the new covert operatives.  These operatives allow a shell game to be played on the American taxpayer.  A shell game that keeps America’s poor and disenfranchised in virtual prisons of their own construction.  ACORN is one such non-profit operative.

We learned a while back that ACORN is involved in voter fraud and accepting money specifically targeted for the extermination of black babies. However, in an undercover operation by two ordinary but concerned citizens, the people of ACORN in Baltimore are caught on tape helping a young woman and her gentleman consort commit even more heinous crimes.

The young man explains to an ACORN counselor that he and his girl are there as a last resort. No other agency will accept them and their criminal lifestyle, so they have come to ACORN looking for compassion.  The young lady in the exposé plays the role of a nineteen year old prostitute who wants a new home, and she implies that the home will be used to run a prostitution ring. Two ACORN workers conspire with the young prostitute work the system to get her housing and not pay her taxes. It gets worse.

When told by the two operatives that there will be thirteen undocumented young girls all under the age of fifteen coming to America from El Salvador to work as prostitutes, the ACORN helper disregards the obvious crimes being committed and continues counseling the young couple, without even a hint of a pause on how to thwart the law.  Her comment was “If they are under sixteen, then you don’t have to worry about taxes…and just don’t tell people about them.”—“them” being the thirteen young girls coming from El Salvador.  How were these young women getting to America?  Kidnapped?  The question never comes up.

When did government-funded non-profit companies begin teaching people how to defraud our system and condoning illegal activities?  One is left to conclude that ACORN sees the trafficking of thirteen undocumented El Salvadoran prostitutes-to-be as more potential votes for the Democrats in the next election.  Or perhaps they view the establishment of a new prostitution ring with illegal young women as America’s new form of Capitalism?

In the audio, it never occurs to the Baltimore ACORN team to actually counsel this young prostitute about the dead-end nature of her lifestyle—dangers, seen and unseen from her illegal activities. The idea that she would always be running from the law; living on the edge.  There was no discussion of the consequences of her action now or in the future.  Oh, and let’s not forget that ACORN nor any other government-funded non-profit is in the business of sanctioning illegal activities.  But there was no mention of that, and in fact quite the contrary.

The concern of ACORN was laser-focused, singular in its simplicity:  How to help this young criminal continue her illegal enterprise—her “pursuit of happiness”—living in a house at the initial expense of the American taxpayer.  Why shouldn’t this miscreant be part of the cycle of “getting over on America” that ACORN and organizations of that ilk wish to perpetuate?  That, after all is ACORN’s distortion of The American Dream.

And how would you like to live in or near an ACORN neighborhood, a neighborhood where they would place a known criminal enterprise, and help them thrive? Perhaps next ACORN will give seminars on how to build better meth labs?

But Democrats are for ridding neighborhoods of crime and for promoting education, right?

pimp signACORN promotes education alright.  They are educating America’s disenfranchised criminals to break laws and evolve their skillsets. ACORN appears to have no conscience in dealing with the real problems presented to them, preferring to sweep things under the rug in a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  As the young man in this exposé suggested, ACORN was “their last resort.” Indeed it was.

Here’s the wrap:

ACORN is part of the system of “compassion” that has America’s poor voting overwhelmingly for Democrats, yet not getting any solutions to the real problems. ACORN offers America’s disenfranchised nothing but more future problems. As with our young prostitute ACORN puts a band-aid on a bullet hole, merely pushing her problems into the future, making them bigger and badder.

Though our young prostitute was an undercover girl exposing ACORN for what the organization truly represents, the truth is that people like her exist in America.  ACORN is all too willing to set these people up for the harsh reality of living life on the lam.  ACORN considers this justice for America. Payback to those ACORN deems worthy.  “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” has been replaced with “Give us your lazy, your incorrigibles, your angry miscreants,” and we will find them housing near you.

(c) 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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