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Iran's Friendly Nukes

Iran President Ahmadinejad

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Iran remains unconvinced about the demise of America, and apparently wants to ensure our destruction.  America represents Iran’s hearty Halal meal. But they are happy to start with a kosher snack…Israel!

It turns out that Iran has been building a secret nuclear weapons program!  GASP!  This is the very same nuclear program that they denied existed.  And as for the nuclear program to which they openly acknowledged, they said they only wanted nuclear power…for their homes…oh and maybe to nuke Israel, if that’s ok with the rest of the world…or not!

The fact that Iran tested their short range missiles, which of course can reach Israel has nothing to do with Iran’s stated goal of the destruction of Israel.  The timing of the missile tests coinciding with the discovery of their secret nuclear program couldn’t be construed as Iran thumbing their noses at the rest of the world—ok, the UN—and America…oh and Israel?

ahmadinejad - i wonIronically, Ahmadinejad is the same person who caused the demise of Jimmy Carter back in the late ‘70’s.  This most recent development—that pesky super secret nuclear program—could bring about the demise of Obama.  I must admit, Ahmadinejad is beginning to grow on me! It is refreshing to see that third-world presidents can push around white and black Democrat American presidents. 

Don’t be disheartened however, because we have two things going for us: 

First, Obama has WORDS to offer.  I re-read what he said in his speech in the UN—you know the part about ridding the world of nuclear weapons.  His timing on this couldn’t be better.  And I am confident that Iran will heed his advice despite their having a super-secret nuclear program, albeit “peaceful.” 

They will heed his advice, because Obama is a tough guy!  A product of Chicago politics.  That will surely help him demoralize the evil terrorists of the world, right?  Surely one of them has sealed records about a divorce, or some other peccadillo that will allow Obama to pencil-whip the crap out of them!  I can see Ahmadinejad now, “lawyering up” as Obama’s team hits Iran with their tough words.  


  • Obama                  1
  • Iran                       0
  • America         NUKED!

Obama demonstrated his prowess on world affairs, saying during his presidential campaign, “He would meet with rogue dictators, and Iran is little!  Does anybody even remember McCain telling Obamav(1)  not to negotiate with terrorists, and (2) the object in your mirror (Iran) may be bigger than you think!  Obama didn’t listen, and now we have a sissy in the fight!

Our next line of defense is the UN!  Their forceful action to date has allowed Iran to (1) have a public nuclear program [the one for power to their homes and the destruction of Israel], and (2) to have a super-secret nuclear program [the one to make sure that Infidels all become Muslims, and the destruction of the Infidels of The Great Satan—the United States]. 

Here’s the wrap: 

obama-ahmadinejadLiberals believed that electing Obama would bring world peace and harmony to all within the sound of his voice, and that the world would suddenly love America, because we had elected an African as our leader.  Perhaps they felt that our move to become a third-world nation would placate those who find us exceptionalists.

Further, Obama has demonstrated his willingness to castrate America’s military as well as our clandestine agencies, while he and Pelosi debate who gets to wear our patriots’ “naughty bits” as a necklace.  One would think that the international terrorist leaders would stand down, and allow America’s biggest terrorists—Liberal Americans—to continue to destroy America from within. 

Yes, I know that Ahmadinejad said that he has no problem with the American people, and actually praised us.  “We have nothing against the Infidels themselves, it is the infidel government, that we wish to destroy by dropping a bomb on all American cities.  All praises be to Allah.”  Qhaddafi said that Obama should be president…FOREVER, but Qhaddafi wants no part of anybody who resembles Ronald Reagan.  He still has fond memories of Reagan sending a smart missile up his tailpipe. 

Iran respected Reagan as well, releasing American hostages the same day that Reagan was sworn into office as president, replacing Jimmy “Defender of Lowly Negro Presidents” Carter.  In short, both Qhaddafi and Ahmadinejad recognized strong leadership, and they despise it.

Still, all this kumbaya by Obama reaching out to terrorist regimes, the endorsement of Qhaddafi, and terrorists continue to plot against us.  Three terror plots were thwarted just last week, and the terrorists were even going to attack us “non-combatants.”  I guess Muslim terrorists don’t make distinctions between infidels?  Nothing like a tolerant religion.

Still our internal enemies—the Liberals—want us to believe that there is no threat to America or the world. Israel isn’t buying it however, and they are undeterred.  Netanyahu is a real leader, and not a 17-year old idealist like Obama.  And with the resolve of the Jews and leadership like Netanyahu, Israel may be more than a snack, and in fact more than a meal.  I can tell you that there are meals that can kill you!

That’s my rant!

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