Democrats Hate Black People

Democrat CorruptionBlack people are being sold out for chump change at all government levels, as the culture of corruption in politics is at an all time high.  I won’t pretend that corruption doesn’t occur from both Democrats and Republicans.  However make no mistake about it, Democrats are the worst offenders.

In Missouri recently there were many races that had only one person running…a Democrat.  Where do Republicans not bother running? In heavily black districts.  Republicans have all but given up in these areas, because they have two chances to win: Slim and none. 

The outcome is the Democrats are running amuck.

Recently Missouri State Representative T. D. El Amin pleaded guilty to soliciting and accepting a $2100 bride from a gas station owner on the north side (the black part of town) of St. Louis. The bribe was in exchange for helping the man get city hall to stop a series of “nuisance inspections.” Nuisance inspections prevent things like the ripping off of the consumer from unscrupulous gas station owners, as this article explains:

“Most inspections are unannounced,” said Lazier. “We just show up within a 12 month period and say here we are.”  We’ve learned gas stations are legally allowed to cheat you 6 cubic inches, or a bit less than a half a cup for every 5 gallons of gas pumped. Beyond that, pumps get red tagged and can’t sell fuel until they’re fixed.

Without these inspections, unscrupulous gas station owners every year can pocket millions of dollars by cheating the consumer.  So what El Amin did was represent the predominantly black constituents of North St. Louis by allowing a business to cheat them!  A Democrat brother helping brothers! 

But black people in St. Louis won’t take a lesson from this. They will continue to vote Democrat, saying things like, “Republicans wouldn’t be no betta.” 

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Examine how the Democrats go from prostituting their constituents locally to the national level, as they did with the mortgage crisis.

From this report you will see that the trillion dollar mortgage crisis was allowed to happen at the price of a mere $1.1M in political contributions.  Though Chris Dodd and John Kerry are #1 and #2 respectively, on the basis of who collected the most money in the shortest amount of time, one Barack Hussein Obama was the largest recipient ($105, 849) of these bribescontributions, I mean.  By the way, Hillary Clinton is 4th on the list.

Doing the math on this, you can see that about $1M in bribescontributions, gets you $1T.  Now THAT’S a return-on-investment that would make any investor proud!  And the Democrats have the nerve to criticize Big Oil.  At least the profits of Big Oil serves many Americans in the form of 401(k), dividends, and so on.  The profits of Obama’s socialist government serve a handful of hand-picked Democrat Party elitists.

Interestingly, it took only $105K to get Obama to sign on the dotted line.  This should answer why Obama needs TRILLIONS to pay back all his contributors.  He was bought for chump change…pardon the pun.

But what’s a guy to do, when he’s already tapped out the treasury?  Find another sacred cow, Silly!  The sacred cow is healthcare, and sacred cows make the best burgers! 

There is conservatively $1.7T annually that can be robbed from healthcare.  That’s enough for Obama to pay back the plantation owners, i.e. the racist Democrats who are pimping the half-black part of Obama to do what they have been doing for years:  fleecing the American taxpayer and oppressing blacks. Not only are they selling out the American taxpayer, Democrats demagogue the issue, make it racial, then blame Republicans:  “I’m just cleaning up the mess made by my predecessor,” proclaims Obama.

When questioned, Democrats ignore us, and call us unpatriotic because we won’t continue to “invest” in government.  We are labeled extremists for asking where our money is going and for demanding accountability.  Who the heck do We the People think we are?

Democrat CrooksHere’s the wrap:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The Democrats control everything these days, with the epicenters being America’s largest cities.  In many cases in local and state elections, the Democrats have no Republican challenger.  The outcome is cities infested with crime, the worst schools, and corruption rivaling most third-world nations.  But black people don’t care about being screwed…just make sure it’s by a Democrat!

In Missouri, T. D. El Amin sold out his own people, the black people of St. Louis for $2100.  He had no qualms about screwing black people, and why should he.  He was only doing to blacks what Democrats of all colors have been doing to black people for decades.  Black people don’t mind, as long as they get the table scraps the Democrats promised dating back to LBJ’s The Great Society.  Blacks get welfare, just not real opportunity.

At the national level Obama’s culture of corruption promises black people The Promise Land.  He pits black against white, rich against poor, in an effort to continue to Democrats’ strategy of dealing with blacks.  In the end black people end up with what Democrats have delivered to us for decades–slavery in a different form. And just like slavery began in America, it’s Africans selling us out.

That’s my rant!

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