Team Obama Punked by IOC

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For the Liberals who voted for Obama thinking he could influence the world, you just got publicly punked by the IOC.  They showed what the sane among us already knew, and that is Obama is not the god the Liberals all believe him to be. If you still believe he is a god, then I contend he is as ineffectual as a god, as he is a president.

In a move you would think was choreographed by the vast right-wing conspiracy—if it existed—Obama and Team Chicago couldn’t even get past the first round in consideration for the Olympics!  There were cities that didn’t spend a dime pursuing the Olympics and finished right where Chicago did. 

When I saw how Chicago reacted to this loss, the abject disappointment, as it was announced that they were the #1 loser, I thought to myself, “This is one big event too late.”  This is what they were supposed to feel like when Obama lost the nomination as the Liberals’ candidate for POTUS.  Didn’t happen.  So when Team Obama lost this for Chicago, I felt like white people did when OJ recently convicted—“We finally got him!”

You would think that with all the “Os” in attendance, Chicago would have been a foregone conclusion to host the 2016 Olympics—just in time for Obama’s 3rd term in office. If I was a god, that’s how I would have scripted it.  But it was not to be…because Obama is no god!

How do you spin getting such a beatdown?  Burris is blaming Bush!  After all, Obama “inherited this mess!” This might have worked if Obama hadn’t made ten apology tours!  Notwithstanding, we were told that the mere election of Obama was enough for the world to love us. 

Obama talking heads are saying that Obama was in Copenhagen as a stopover for his trip to Afghanistan!  It all sounds pretty ridiculous.  There isn’t enough spin to spin your way out of this public flogging of Team Obama.

Chicago sent its most famous mulatto son, Barack, its most famous black daughter, Oprah, and its most famous black militant, Michelle to represent them in this bid.  In the eyes of Liberal America and supposedly the world, it just doesn’t get any bigger than that.  The Unholy Trinity!  They represented the best of the best Liberals of Chicago.  Chicago could have saved themselves a lot of embarrassment and money just sending three gang bangers on vacation to Copenhagen to represent Chicago.  It would have been just as representative and had the same outcome.

Ironically, the Liberals who want “everybody to get a trophy” learned a hard lesson: There is a loser and Obama is it. I got a chance to interview the Mayor of Rio, and he simply said to me, “I won!” Touché!

There was one Liberal who had a great day as Obama’s failures were illuminated, and that is Hillary Clinton. She was actually giddy the day Chicago died, because she got a “two-fer.”  Hillary got to actually play president that day, discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan, while Obama played marbles in Copenhagen.  Hillary felt rather presidential, while Obama looked much like the neophyte that he is.  Clinton chuckled as she watched Obama navigate the mine field.  It’s safe to say that he blew off a leg this week!  Clinton’s happiness over recent developments in the Obama camp is exceeded only by the ineffective Michael Steele’s. Obama is making things easy for both of them. 

Here’s the wrap:

Obama OlympicsThe idea that a sitting president would find it necessary to make the Olympics an issue, dare I say a “crisis,” just shows you the level of desperation Obama has for avoiding the real issues plaguing America.  But with the distraction of this major issue of getting the Olympics for Chicago out of the way, what is a “play-president” to do?  He will likely appoint a Distraction Czar!

Perhaps the Distraction Czar will have Obama weigh in on the Letterman crisis, maybe set up another BeefFest?  The Letterman Controversy certainly supersedes things like the rising unemployment rate, now almost 10%–a ratio the stimulus package was supposed to prevent.  To quote Obama, “That’s what a stimulus does!”  There is also that backburner Iranian nuclear issue.  Obama sees Iran as “little!”  “Little” like Bruce Lee, unfortunately.  And finally, there is the butt-kicking the US is getting in Afghanistan—the war the Liberals said was worth fighting. It appears to be worth fighting, just not be worth winning?

As Obama said of ACORN, “[sic] These are not things I follow closely.”

The good thing is the real God can manage all these things.  It appears God has a sense of humor, as He delivers Chuck Norris roundhouses to Obama well-earred noggin.  Maybe this was God’s plan for America—to get them to remember who is really in charge.

That’s my rant!

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