Limbaugh Said to Want Slaves

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Why all the hoopla over Limbaugh wanting to buy part of the Rams?  It is based mainly on two things.  First, he is a Conservative Republican.  And because of his politics, Limbaugh is being attacked, one Democrat saying that Limbaugh can’t wait to “own a team of black slaves.”  There it is…slavery!  Democrats having the nerve to bring up slavery…their institution!

I always find the irony funny when the Left demonizes Republicans, they always choose things of which THEY are guilty.  For the record, Republicans FREED the slaves that Democrats OWNED.  But the Left doesn’t care about the facts, as they like keeping silly Negros stupid!  It’s just make them both feel good.

Speaking of silly Negros, the black players on the Ram say they won’t play for Rush Limbaugh, should Limbaugh buy the team. With the Rams 0-fer record, I contend the black players are not playing for the current owner either.

Black players have no clue about the politics of their current owners, yet they are happy to accept their paychecks.  I have worked for many companies, and in the interview process, I never asked, “Is the owner of the company a racist?”  How would I know, unless he declared himself or herself a Democrat?! Moreover, even if the company owner was a racist, I don’t care!  Just make sure my check clears!

Next, black players are supposedly angry with a comment Limbaugh made about McNabb years ago, when Limbaugh implied that if McNabb were not black, there would have been little discussion of his abilities as a quarterback.  Limbaugh opined that McNabb was an average quarterback, unworthy of the big deal being made about him at the time.  Nothing racist there; just an observation, and one I and likely millions of other football aficionados—black and white—agreed with.

Limbaugh went on to say that the NFL needed a black quarterback darling, which is why McNabb got press he got.  This may or may not be true, but was the opinion of Limbaugh.  The comment was in no way racist, unless you suffer from a victim mentality—or if you are a race-baiting Liberal, i.e. a racist!

The comment was meant to be thought-provoking, and it was. In this time of political correctness, it was an interesting point to ponder.  There are no black owners in the NFL, and the NFL had just begun addressing the issue of black coaches, after years of “black coach oppression.” Prior to the coaching issues, there was the black quarterback issue.  It has been a theory that the NFL did not want black quarterbacks, since the position of quarterback implied leadership of the team.  The guy running the show.  The NFL back in the day said openly that there were no qualified blacks to be NFL quarterbacks, and it was not a conspiracy.  So black quarterbacks who led their teams to national championship were good enough for college, but were better receivers or kick-off returners in the pros?  Socialist please!

Limbaugh shined the light on the idea that the NFL may be practicing that age old Democrat practice of subterfuge, when he asked people to look at the bigger picture, ergo McNabb was the “NFL darling!”

If Bill Clinton had said it, it would not have been negative news. The comment would have been considered ground-breaking, and Clinton a hero.  A great Democrat looking out for the common “colored man,” and protector the lowly Negro…just like all those Southern Democrats protected blacks in the past! 

However because Limbaugh who said it, Liberals pulled out their race cards, en masse, and the public lynching of Limbaugh began in earnest.  He was ceremoniously fired, and order was restored to Bizarro World.

Black players, most of whom are from poor backgrounds want to suddenly take a stand on whom they are willing to be owned by.  Black players are content with Democrat “massas,” but not with anybody else?

Rams Titans FootballHere’s the wrap:

Limbaugh represents all the things that the Left despises.  First he is a Conservative and a Republican, so this by definition is a Capitalist.  The Left hates Capitalists.  You can further confirm that Limbaugh is a Capitalist, because he wants to BUY the Rams, and not have the government GIVE him the Rams, in the form of a bailout, reparations, or otherwise. He prefers to buy low and sell high, which implies improving the team.

A man who has built an empire, and arguably the most successful radio talk show network ever shows interest in your team, and the black players want to paint him as a racist—as if they could actually spot one.  Limbaugh is a winner, pure and simple, and an Old School winner at that.  Limbaugh has more in common with those black athletes than any owner for which they have played or the white racist Democrats who are always so ready to speak on behalf of blacks.

The black players in the league should take a page from The Dixie Chicks…shut up and play!

That’s my rant!

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