Obama Losing Luster?

Obama looks "sweet" on Deval!

If the recent fundraiser for Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick is any indicator, Obama’s luster may be wearing off. The event was nowhere near a sellout, and word on the street is that operatives were pimping tickets up to the very last minute of the event.  Worse yet, they weren’t finding any takers.

You’d think that with all the contacts on Obama’s crackberry, he could scare up enough “friends” to sell out a governor’s fundraiser?!  The lack of participation by Bostonians is simply no way to treat a Nobel Peace Prize winner!  Teddy Kennedy, the ugly cousin of LiberoFascism is rolling over in his grave! 

The event was held at the Westin Copley, occupying the entire 4th floor–a venue that easily holds about 2000 people.  Based on my radio producer’s report from a source who spoke to a cousin of a man who knows a friend of one of the maids said, “There was plenty of room for “disco dancing!”  For journalistic integrity, we were able to confirm this with a taxi driver, who knows the sister of one of the vendors, who did overhear the concierge confirm this with his mother-in-law.

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A year ago a venue the size of the Westin Copley would not have been considered for such an event, if the messiah was to be in attendance. They would have planned on a stadium, Wembley Stadium most likely…New England game be damned!  And even that would not have been big enough, so they would have had to simulcast it on big screens.  And even that would pale.  Thus Liberals would have clamored to see the spectacle on Pay-Per-View! 

Oh what a difference a few months makes?  Who knew we would get the All Obama Channel…a spinoff of Oprah.  And the All Obama Channel would spin off the Obama Administration Comedy Channel, which of course has given America the Obama Nitwits Worldwide Comedy Channel…a channel that runs all day, every day…no reruns.

The lack of attendance to the event could be based on Obama’s recent polling numbers, which are the lowest for any president at this stage of his presidency in fifty years. Apparently many of the people on the Left have awakened to embrace their inner racists.  Who are these neo-racists? 

According to this report in the Boston Herald, CODEPINK, the environmentalists, and the LBGT are.  They all upset with Obama, as he apparently hasn’t moved far enough left for these groups, despite Hugo Chavez warning otherwise.

The Black Nationalists are mad at the firing of Van Jones, though Mark Lloyd and Michelle remain close to the president.  The Coalition for Black Reparations are complaining that the $13 a week added to paychecks is not helping blacks who have unemployment rates at twice the national average.  The National Association for Black Journalists has been vocal about the lack of access to the White House, saying, “The president is treatin’ us like we Fox or somethin’!”

There is one group who is happy with Obama, and that is the Socialist Party USA.  They are ecstatic, and we quoted as saying, “We didn’t even know we had a dog in the fight!”

Reports are that 88 people attended the event and $500K was raised for Governor Patrick.  Estimated costs for the event is $2M.  We can see that the Dems fiscal policy is not limited to government!   Regardless, when it comes to Liberals paying their own freight, you can bet the American taxpayer will be getting this bill…let’s call it a suppository.

After the fundraiser, Obama ventured to MIT—under the protection of the cops he called racists during Gates’ Gate.  There would be no repeat of BeerFest, as Gates said, “I am protesting the white part of Obama’s ethnicity, the part who didn’t help me down the stairs, the part who is now oppressing brothers and sisters all over America by not having stamped out Capitalism, and who allowed for Van Jones— a solid brother and fellow Black Nationalist— to be railroaded.  I have reached my lifetime beer quota with white devils!”  Tough talk for a man who has to walk with a cane, I say.

Deval Patrick 71st FundHere’s the wrap:

I know you may be searching for more potential answers as to why somebody with the “cult of personality” of Obama could not sell out a capacity 2000 event, when as a candidate, a nobody, he enthralled and regaled audiences of 50,000.  Well, here’s your answer.  It’s Bush’s fault!

Bush used his power over the media so people were not aware of the event in Boston.  And let’s face it, Bush dominates the news, leaving no room for alternative thought.  The so-called news reports his every move, “Jenna this, W that, Barbara, blah blah blah.” You’d think when Bush eats a burger or sports his masculine pecs on a beach in Hawaii, it’s news!

Bush still has us in two wars, not counting the one he started with Fox, and he has created the biggest gap in racial politics since the 1960’s.  He has created the largest debt in the history of America, now at $1.4 trillion, not to mention record unemployment.  He has taken over private industry, and we are now collecting less money in the treasury than ever before.  People simply could not afford the $6000 per person to attend the fundraiser…because of that idiot Ivy League president!

I don’t know if America can stand three more years of Bush!

That’s my rant!

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