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Apparently Obama’s consolation prize for losing the Olympics is a Nobel Peace Prize.  I would say that the Norwegians have lost their minds, if this award actually meant something these days.  Nevertheless, I still suspect that ACORN International might have had a hand in Obama’s win…for nostalgia’s sake.

This much coveted [cough] award has been won by such notables as Al Gore, Yassir Arafat, Kofi Annan, and Jimmy Carter, to name a few.  With a list like this, the Nobel Prize is a not a prize at all, and I would say is more like a punishment. It is an award to be avoided, like a Darwin Award or Blackwell’s Worst Dressed.

Presuming this award had any real significance, as it did in the far too distant past, why would the Nobel committee decide that Obama should be the winner in the “Peace” area this year?  I have my theories.

First, Obama can run a decent campaign.  His most recent “coup-paign” was so good in fact that he had dead people and Disney characters voting for him.  That’s an accomplishment that would have any Liberal or Democrat anointing you “god,” and it certainly would have made Joe Kennedy proud.

Another potential reason for the Obama win is his prowess with the teleprompter.  The Nobel committee likely adores that smug look Obama gives, chin up, head askew, as he reads his pretty words from left to right. 

Now they say that Obama was awarded the prize for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”  After all, Obama has talked of a world without nuclear weapons, as he did in this CNN piece:

“Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous legacies of the Cold War,” Obama said in a speech in front of a huge crowd outside the medieval Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. “The U.S. will take concrete steps. … We will begin the work of reducing our arsenals and stockpiles.”

And our latest Nobel laureate had this to say according to CNN for those who don’t heed his warning:

“The president said that the solutions will include preventing the production of more nuclear weapons, negotiating a new international treaty and strengthening the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  He warned that countries that break the rules will face immediate consequences, including automatic referral to the U.N. Security Council.”

One can only imagine what Ahmadinejad is thinking about this, as Iran continues working on their nuclear program. I’m sure he’s concerned that his hatred of Jews and stated goal of their obliteration, compounded with his need to destroy all Infidels might mire Obama’s award just a smidge?

The fact that Obama is currently fighting two wars, one of which he said he was ending apparently has no bearing on an award for “peace?” 

His postponed meeting with the most peaceful man in the world, the Dalai Lama, could have reflected negatively on the award. Adding to the irony is the fact that Obama publicly executed a fly, something the Dali Lama is religiously forbidden to do, yet Obama gets a “peace” award.

Before we get too critical about all this, remember that Obama did free prisoners from GITMO, which had to weigh heavily in the decision to give him the award.  He instituted “Lattes not Lashes,” as he eliminated “torture” of “enemy combatants.”

Why the Nobel committee didn’t just make it a “two-fer” and award Obama the Nobel Prize for Physics is beyond me.  Obama has re-proven gravity with the American economy. His non-stimulating stimulus package proved that what was once UP can definitely come DOWN.  Obama’s novel and clever use of the stock market to validate gravity was certainly worthy of the Physics prize, though I would have just sent him a package of Fig Newtons and call it a day!

obama-fly1Here’s the wrap:

The Nobel committee is very hush-hush about the selection process, releasing nominees’ name 50 years after the awards are made.  So we are privvy to nominees who didn’t quite get the win.  Here are a few notables:  Adolf Hitler, Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini.  

It appears that the Nobel committee has decided with the Obama win to right the wrongs of all these years, and finally include a Marxist communist fascist winner!  Touché for them to come around to such “progressive” thinking!  I can only imagine who’s next?  Paris Hilton, Janeane Garofalo…Nancy Pelosi?!

Since people are determined to give Obama awards and accolades for things he hasn’t done, let’s just go all the way.  Let’s give him a Cy Young for that sissy pitch he made to open a St. Louis Cardinals game.  How about a Superbowl ring, since he once hosted a White House party for the Pittsburgh Steelers! And hat tip to Linda for pointing out that Obama should receive three Oscars:

Best Comedy “Biggest Joke Ever Played On American People”

Best Docudrama “All About Me”

Best Drama “Narcissism….A Love Story”

That’s my rant!

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