Ivy League Beatdown

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smackdownObama has divided America like no other president in modern history.  I know of co-workers who no longer lunch together, friends who are little more than acquaintances, and family members who haven’t spoken in a year, all because of the unifying chasm created by the election of Barack Obama.  However, you know things are bad when Ivy League elitists—academics—are now fighting over racial politics!  Could this be the seventh sign?

Apparently the group-think in “Lower Ed” is less monolithic than we may have been told, as two Columbia professors recently came to blows at a NY City bar.  It was actually  came to “blow,” since only one person was actually hit—the white female professor, Camille Davis, and by black male professor Lionel “Boom Boom” McIntyre.  Chivalry is dead for Liberals…killed by “the race card!”

In a scene reminiscent of a made for TV Hollywood production titled “Nicole, You Still My Biotch,” architect professor Lionel McIntyre went “OJ” on Davis and another white co-worker.  Thankfully, the two white folks survived in this little melodrama, unlike the true OJ story.

The disagreement was over race issues, the trio apparently disagreeing over the amount of reparations needed to be repaid to McIntyre at the bar where they were drinking.  Translated:  McIntyre wondered aloud, “Which one of you oppressive white folks is going to pick up my bar tab, damn it?!”  The fight was on like Donkey Kong!

Here is how the NY Post put it:

 “He knocked the glasses right off my face,” said the man, who would only give his first name as “Shannon.” “The punch came out of nowhere. Mac was talking to us about white privilege and what I was doing about it — apparently I wasn’t doing enough.”

 Davis would not be quite so lucky, taking one right in the eye!  Nevertheless, as we learned through the incident with Harvard Professor Gates, when it comes to black Ivy League elitists, it’s not their fault.  McIntyre is no exception. 

First, he is black, and thus incapable of racism.  Next, McIntyre is a professor at an Ivy League university, and thus above any scrutiny of his actions.  Finally, McIntyre was merely imposing university policy, as documented in this memo I received from one of The Black Sphere inside operatives at Columbia:

From Columbia University Department of Human Resources Employee Handbook, Chapter – Policing of SocioPolitical Dogma: 

If a fellow professor is said to have an opinion contrary to the insane Liberal policies of this institution, it is the duty of the witnessing professor to punch once squarely in the mouth (or eye)  the offending professor.  If the offending professor continues to spew Conservative rhetoric, notify university security immediately for backup…do not try to debate them without the potential use of force.” – Chancellor of Columbia University, with permission from Barack Hussein Obama.

I know what you’re thinking.  A Conservative hiding out at Columbia?  My bet is that Davis is a “white guilter”—a Liberal who believes that by voting for the black man, she had corrected the years of slavery and oppression that NO living white people have done to NO living black people.  She is one of those Liberals who believe they are helping some endangered species, a whale, a baby seal, a spotted owl…or disenfranchised black people.

Davis figured out that she voted wrong, and the liquor was the liquid courage she needed to expose her closeted Conservative views—in vino veritas—which enraged McIntyre.  He lashed out like Rosie O’Donnell defending a snicker’s bar.

Regardless of what was said, Davis and “Shannon” discovered that there is no quarter in talking about politics with a black professor, particularly when you are not willing to admit to “white guilt.”  And if McIntyre were a Republican, he would have been right to smack Davis around, given that she is likely a Democrat, closeted Conservative though she may be.

After all, from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, McIntyre worked in civil rights and labor organizing in the deep South.  He would certainly know of the devastation of the Democrat Party to blacks, much like what I documented in my book [shameless plug] The BIG Black Lie [Amazon Best-Seller, and 5-star rated!].

Here’s the wrap:

McIntyre was upset that with the oppression in America has not allowed him to achieve in life.  He is still looking for his 40 acres and a mule, and if he can’t get that, then please assign him the white person who is to do his bidding…his Jeeves.

Jeeves would wake him up to inspirational quips, and run interference against ‘whitey’ for him.  And if McIntyre did indeed encounter racism, Jeeves would be there to defend McIntyre, the lowly Negro, from the onslaught of America’s oppression.  Jeeves would know that black people cannot achieve anything in America, unless white people are involved or the “gubment.”  That’s all that McIntyre was trying to say…by putting his fists upside Davis’ head!

We may never know the whole story.  But one thing we do know is there is a crisis in academia!  And a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.  This crisis is certainly in need of presidential interference by Obama, and I am anxious for another Beerfest. The country could use the distraction.

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