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ph.obama_00989_5-9-08At least in Iraq the people knew they were getting the”All Saddam All The Time” channel.  That’s how dictatorships work.  I can’t imagine that “Guilters” (the “white guilt” constituency who elected Obama) believed they were going to get this much of “His Half-Blackness” on their TV sets…all the time!

Because Obama believes he has a mandate from the Guilters, we are treated to “All Obama All The Time” news, the only difference being that he warns us when something is really important, by telling us about it in advance. 

He seems to prefer Tuesdays, as this day preempts a highly rated prime time TV show like “So You Think You Can Dance,” and rightfully so!  For as we have learned with ObamaNation…nothing is more important than Obama.

And what revelation will Obama share with us this Tuesday?  Well, it’s a two-fer!  We will learn of Obama’s well thought out war strategy for the war in Afghanistan, and get the ancillary understanding of just how stupid General McChrystal’s strategy was for Afghanistan!


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Here is a tidbit, a sneak peak as it were on what we will learn as this AP story reports:

The White House says President Barack Obama is placing heavy emphasis on how the United States eventually will withdraw from Afghanistan even as he plans to announce a troop increase next week.

I can hardly wait to hear this.  Though I got the gist of it from the AP story, I know that Obama will fill in the details of why it has taken him weeks to conclude what General McChrystal concluded in mere moments.  I can only imagine the dizzying spin to which America will be treated.  No doubt Obama’s will explain that his delay was contemplative and deliberate, while McChystal of course…jumped to a conclusion!

AP goes on to report,

The president and his top military and national security advisers have held 10 meetings to discuss America’s future steps in Afghanistan. Though the top general in Afghanistan has asked the president for about 40,000 troops, military officials expect the president will deploy about 35,000, starting next year.

I love the play by play in this article, e.g. “…top military and national security advisers have held 10 meetings…”  Ten meetings!  As if the number of meetings is important.  What if it had only been eight meetings, then what? And I’m sure these were very transparent meetings…for Al Jazeera

Finally, last time I checked McChrystal is the top military and national security adviser.

It irks me that Obama is always looking for an “exit strategy!”  It confirms for me that Obama doesn’t know how to win anything…except elections.  So here’s a thought on strategy, Barack:  WIN THE WAR!  That makes the exit strategy so much simpler, and a lot cleaner than the “tail between your legs” strategy that you will likely employ!

As for the staging of this “All Obama All The Time” press conference at West Point, only kool-aid drinking Liberals would miss the symbolism!  The most inept “Commander in Chief” appearing at West Point, one of America’s most hallowed military institutions—and an institution that Obama is more than willing to tear down, happy to do so in fact!

Like his racism, Obama admitted to his disdain of America’s military during his campaign, as he believes they are butchers, imposing America’s imperialist and capitalist views willy-nilly around the world.  Remember that as with all things Bush, Obama “inherited this mess”–that includes the US military.

Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if Obama’s staff wrangles to get him an honorary degree!  And why not?!  Obama came to essentially the same conclusion that proven military strategist and 4-star General McChrystal concluded…only Obama’s strategy is better!  If only McChrystal had come to the conclusion to use only 35,000 troops, instead of the 40,000l! How stupid was that?!!  One can easily see that Obama is much more contemplative and definitive in his conclusion, than McChrystal!

obama-thinking 2Here’s the wrap:

I suggest that when Obama needs to make a tough decision quickly, he ask himself, “What would Bush do?” 

Obama said weeks ago, that he did not want to put more troops in harm’s way. Ironically in the meantime, troops were already in harm’s way.  And in the end, Obama decided to go with McChrystal’s decision…to put more troops in harm’s way.  The only change is Obama wants an exit strategy…oh and to put out the fire that he has created with his lunatic base. 

The Left is mad as hell that Obama is fighting two wars abroad, their anger tempered only by the two wars being fought on the home front: The War on Achievement and The War on Capitalism.

Regardless of how we feel, America will be graced with Obama on Tuesday, during prime time.  We again will be treated to watching who Liberals say is “the smartest man in the room,” the man who brought “sexy thinking” to the White House.  Let’s just hope Mr.  Sexy Thinker doesn’t have to make any snap decisions, as they appear to be above his pay grade.

That’s my rant!

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