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Obama's Foreign Policy – Unplugged

Three StoogesIt has been said that a leader can be measured by the people with whom he surrounds himself, then his ability to take their counsel.  Using this measure, Obama is as competent as Oprah’s fitness trainer.

On the first point, Obama’s much maligned cabinet is under constant fire, so much so that there are conspiracy theorists who say that his destruction of America is intentional.  They say that Obama is simply following Alinsky’s Rules for Radical doctrine, with Alinksy’s rule for most effectively marketing revolution:  Pursue an “Ideology of Change.”

I would agree that there is some legitimacy to this point, if you agree that Obama’s ideology of change is replacing competent people with incompetents.  I’m not sure what Alinsky taught about surrounding oneself with buffoons, so we are likely seeing a “work in progress” on that subject.

Most of Obama’s cabinet picks are either political payback or radicals with whom Obama knew from his past.  Therein lies the problem quite frankly.  Obama just doesn’t have a good pool from which to pick.

The outcome is a hodgepodge of throwback radicals, many of whom had been closeted since the McCarthy era. Ideologies born of their ‘60’s radical sensibilities which only recently have they felt free enough to showcase their true nature.

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Their incompetence might not be so heinous, if it were limited to four years and could be contained from the rest of the world. However, when the top three people who represent the rest of us to the world have the leadership experience of a troop of Brownies, you can see that America is in trouble. Big trouble. Let’s look at some examples. 

Hillary Clinton, Liberal women’s poster child for achievement has achieved nothing.  Her resume is laughable, particularly in comparison to that of her predecessor, Condoleeza Rice. Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to America in her foreign policy, so much so that one has to question if any country takes her seriously.

Her trip to Africa had her scolding a Chinese student who struggled with English. Her Middle-East jaunt was as effective as the Rosie O’Donnell diet.  And finally, who can forget the “reset” button she gave to the Russians?

The sad part is that as incompetent as Clinton is, Biden and Obama are far worse.  As much as we lampoon Biden here in the US, he is that much more laughable overseas. 

Friendly descriptors for Biden are “pompous,” and “blowhard,” and he should consider those highly complementary.  “The British labeled him a “useful idiot” when he told Israel to “get use to Iran’s nuclear weapons.” But as much as Biden has been derided as the village idiot, neither he nor Clinton hold a candle to the foreign policy incompetence of “the smartest guy in the room,” one Barack Hussein Obama! 

His most recent gaffe was his bow to the Emperor of Japan.  It’s ok to perform a subtle bow, while shaking hands.  This shows a mutual respect for both countries’ traditions.  However, a deep subservient bow says, “I am a dweeb,” the message taken by the Saudis and the rest of the Muslim world. 

If Obama’s perpetual need to “show his ass” (bow) were the only cross America had to bear, then perhaps he would be forgiven for his foreign policy snafus.  However it seems that every time he is overseas America loses status.  And this is not because world leaders are conspiring to make Obama look stupid, because they are not.  It is Obama doing it all by himself. 

He has taken a book from Chavez on the virtues of socialism and which chastised America for being a capitalist nation; and by the way the strongest country in the world!  

If the trampling of the US Constitution wasn’t enough, Obama joined the likes of Chavez in an attempt to thwart the will of the people of Honduras, as well as their laws in their ousting of their president due to term limits.

And it may not be possible for a world leader to look more amateurish, than when Obama resided over the United Nations, reading the minutes of a meeting.  His appearance with those leaders literally looked like “bring your son to work day” for the United States.

But I love it most when Obama gets tough. It reminds me of the comedian Daman Wayans when described being Mike Tyson’s roommate in prison, and Mike says he is going to “take your manhood.” Wayans joked that about the toughest thing you could say is…”for how long?!”

Obama talked tough with Israel on building settlements, and Israel rightfully thumbed flipped him off and…built new settlements!  The Iranians were so afraid of Obama’s tough talk that they  exposed their previous super-secret nuclear facility, daring Obama to do something, which he promptly did.  Obama used his most potent weapon…empty words!

Obama’s most recent visit to China is even being seen by Liberals as little more than a vacation.  Is anybody beginning to believe that Obama sees the presidency as a way to see the world for free, without enlisting in the military? Obama is gallivanting in China, and has yet to make a decision on Afghanistan.

Obama at UN 2Here’s the wrap:

Obama’s foreign policy mistake is in believing that people in other countries will continue to fall for his rhetoric.  The rest of the world has long been over any hypnotic trance that the election of a so-called black president created, as well as his incessant diarrhea of the mouth.  They are seeing Obama for what he is, “big hat, no cattle.  “And despite what the world may think of America, a weak American economy affects them all…negatively.

The world is finally realizing that the destruction of America is more than teaching Americans a lesson.  So goes America, so goes the rest of the world, only faster. Who else will be there to bail them out, or pay the freight for most of them.  Who will be their peacekeepers, their bankers, their largest trading partner?  

This time in America requires real leadership, and not somebody who can’t choose good leaders to with whom to surround himself, and who cannot even learn on the job?

That’s my rant!

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