Is a Men's Movement Afloat

nevada_brothelDrastic times call for drastic measures, and let’s face it, it just doesn’t get any tougher than the economy we have under the Obama administration.  People are indeed between ‘barack’ and a hard place. Nevertheless, as Obama promised, there is hope, though this time hope comes from… Nevada.

Striking a simultaneous blow to reverse discrimination and the women’s movement, while taking a page out of the “pro-choice” playbooks, Nevada may now legalize male prostitution.  That’s right, what has been going on for decades in Washington may be allowed to spread to The Silver State, and wrongs against men “lefted.”  Men are now free to choose what to do with their bodies, though they may not be able to choose who to do it with.

Who does the NOW generation of women have to thank for bringing fiscal sanity to Nevada, and ushering in the Age of Aquarius…for men? First, they can thank Obama for wrecking the economy to drive Nevada to such drastic outcome of “men’s rights!”  However the main one to thank is technology!

Technology now allows for Nevada state officials to test for infectious diseases by performing urethral testing.  Prior to this advance in medical testing technology, men with potentially dangerous urethras were left to wander the streets in America’s back alleys in search of Liberal women to service in hippie vans and “by the hour” motels.  A dirty business with no guarantees for the safety of the male “service agents.”

“Bill,” a male “service agent” in Nevada who asked not to be identified by his real name told this reporter,

Liberal women are as vicious as they are unattractive.  I actually had a Liberal woman bite off one of my areolas, when I refused to kiss her during ‘service.’  That’s just my rule—no kissing!  I would only break that rule for a Conservative woman, but we don’t get any of them.

Liberal women are at risk as well, because the disease lurking in men’s urethras is indiscriminate. Abstinence and safe sex are the only protection, and Liberal women just don’t want to be bound by rules or even guidelines.  As one Liberal woman empassioned,

We fought hard for our rights, and NOBODY is going to tell us what to do. Our bodies are our OWN! And if we GET diseases, it’s the GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO GET US HEALTHCARE! And if we GET pregnant, it’s the GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF OUR BABIES!!

According to what Shady Lady Ranch owner Bobbi Davis had to say in this article, the timing could not be better:

The world is ready for women, or even other men, to legally buy sex…plus, being the first to offer male service could boost business in tough economic times, she said.

Davis still has one more hurdle to scale, before she can feel the impact of the economic boom by making her stable of young studs available to Liberal women, “Women’s Libbers” have fought for years to “act like men.”  As the article reports,

Davis, Flint and Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo all acknowledged Friday that Davis still needs county approval to become the first of the state’s 24 legal brothels to offer a lineup of men.  “We’re going to look at it. We have some concerns,” said DeMeo, who serves as a voting member of both a county health commission and a board that oversees alcohol, gambling and brothel licenses.

Ironic that it could be a man who might be the death nail for the first case of “men’s rights” in decades.  Men’s rights have remained stagnant at best, and most men would argue that we have lost much ground over the years, particularly since the ‘60’s.  So the ability for men to act like Liberal women could have monumental implications.

We contacted a woman’s group for comment, and their spokesperson who asked to remain anonymous told The Black Sphere,

Because of the women’s movement, there is a shortage of real men.  Most men today are metrosexual—a euphemism for being gay.  They want to stay at home and not work, expect women to pick up the check at meals, and frankly are more feminine than most women.  They are well-dressed, and some even get their eyebrows plucked. We have created these eunuchs, and now women are in need of real men who are in disturbingly short supply. We need this legislation to pass!!

metro manHere’s the wrap:

Like medical marijuana, the lottery, lobbyists, extortion in the form of taxes, the Obama administration welcomes the new recruits into the world’s oldest occupation.  The Fed is happy that a state has stepped up to clean up the underbelly of prostitution, allowing male “service agents” to be counted—and  taxed—and to be heard…and taxed.

With the help of ACORN and the SEIU the Fed is already setting up the infrastructure to support the male “workers,” offering protection “services” to the young men. We were privy to the ad campaign the Fed and SEIU put together for the young beefcakes:

We covet your assets!”

You can’t say that Nevada isn’t trying to be ahead of the curve in solving the economic crisis, and they are helping Obama create jobs.  Davis plans to add two male “hospitality providers” to her stable this year, and the better new is patrons will bring their own stimulus funds.

Obama sanctions the plan, since two more jobs were created (others saved), and it proves that he supports small business.  Will these new opportunities engender a new men’s movement?  Unlikely.  But it does provide a much needed service for Liberal women, provides yet again…one small step for man.

That’s my rant!

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