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Obama GoshThe man who has not had a real job in his life and couldn’t run a “donated cakes” bake sale for profit is going to provide ideas on promoting new jobs.  It is said that he will scour the country asking anybody and everybody how to create jobs. No idea is too silly. Just think, your idea could be the one that Obama himself deems worthy of further consideration, and possibly even…implementation.  How did America survive without such leadership and “sexy brilliance?”

Our reward for our patience with Obama’s ineptness is his commandeering yet another Tuesday evening of prime time.  In Obama’s his radio address on Saturday, he said that unemployment had “inched down.” I suggest that “millimetered down” describes it better.  And as I wrote in Obama’s Labor Numbers, all jobs figures from this administration are suspect at best, and should be “racially profiled.”

It seems that every time this administration makes its “bad news” jobs report, it is later debunked and then we get the “oops now here’s the really bad news” update.  I must give Obama credit, however as he is helping the economy, particularly small businesses.  He is taking big businesses and turning them into small businesses, and I’m not talking divestiture.  For those businesses who survive as big, well they are being confiscated, and put under government control. 

Obama’s business-destroying technique is giving lots of people the chance to play CEO, as there seems to be a revolving door of CEOs stepping down from these government-run firms.  The most recent exit was the CEO of Government Motors , Ed Whitacre.

Apparently  the stress of losing $1.2B while simultaneously reporting that GM will pay back $8.1B was as unbelievable as Whitacre’s commercials where he states that GM is making better cars than Toyota!  I’m no Ivy Leaguer, but I find it difficult, dare I say impossible to pay money back, when you are in debt up to your flabby fat asscheeks?  The new stooge who takes this job will undoubtedly be hitting up us extremists for some more paper?

The good news about the departure of the CEO of GM is Obama saved 112,000 jobs at GM and one job created!  A by-product of Barack and Joe’ Most Excellent Adventure, because the plan hadn’t even been implemented yet.  So let’s investigate the actual plan, as he previewed on Saturday:

Obama’s plan begins by giving tax incentives for people to fix up their homes.  I know; such amazing thinking right out of the box! How is it that America is so blessed to have a man with such keen insight on creating and saving new jobs?  I was so touched with emotion over this strategy, well I built a factory in my backyard, and began hiring right away. Next, I requested a government loan to begin my “green energy,” environmentally-friendly, methane-producing business from my home. There are five occupants, including two gassy pit-bull pound pups, who can give even Al Gore a run for his flatulence-flipping money.   Yes, you can use carbon credits to pay for my clean energy.

I like the idea of putting up some weather-stripping, insulation, and such, as my house is old, and some areas feel like wind-tunnels.  However, I just don’t see the massive “jobs creation” that will occur from this move.  Frankly, if this is Obama’s first choice out of the box to help with creating jobs, I am left again scratching my well-scarred head.  Has anybody tipped him off about ClimateGate?

Next Obama is considering the expensive solution of bailing out strapped states.  Now you might think that he would incentivize states who have performed well, mostly RED states like Texas.  But his War on Achievement prevents this, as he can only reward poor performers.  That’s in the memo. The real problem with Obama’s Keynesian approach to this is Obama will have to pull money out of the economy to put it back in elsewhere.    

Liberal states have shown that they have not one ounce of fiscal responsibility, nor the cojones to address their real issues, like the drain of illegal immigration on their economies, excessive taxes, excessive entitlements to those who don’t deserve them, and so on. 

These states have lotteries, casino gambling, and the highest tax rates in the country, and they still can’t pay their bills. Obama’s solution is to give them more money, this way they can procrastinate on finding real solutions. 

Obama PhoneHere’s the wrap:

Weatherproofing our homes is not the answer.  It’s simply juvenile to think so. Yet the Left says that Obama has brought “sexy brilliance” to the White House. They will claim he is smart, though green jobs produce little more than red ink.

Obama is proving yet again that he believes government is the answer to our problems and not actually solving the problems. It does solve one of Obama problems…preventing Liberals states from laying off many more workers.  I suggest that giving money to crackheads would be just as effective as giving it to Liberal Democrat states. 

But Obama’s real problem is his reality problem. In reality, Obama is a dolt!  Who asks everybody their ideas for how to create jobs? I’m not surprised by this approach from Obama, however.  I paraphrase Margaret Thatcher when I say that “Concensus is the forfeiture of leadership.” But at least we got “sexy brilliance!”

That’s my rant!

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