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The lamestream, state-run media is always good for a laugh, and this laugh has to do with the recent jobless claims.  They are exuberant because as the AP headline reads, “New jobless claims fall unexpectedly to 457K”.  So only 457 THOUSAND people lost their jobs this go-round!  Come to think of it, that IS good news in Obama’s vida loca.

First-time claims for unemployment insurance dropped by 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 457,000, the lowest total since the week of Sept. 6, 2008, the Labor Department said Thursday. Wall Street economists expected an increase, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.

Would you let a Wall Street economist babysit your “chirrens?”  Me neither! So the idea that they expected an increase is supposed to actually mean something? Plus, aren’t we supposed to be mad at Wall Street for something?

Well I didn’t get my degree from Wall Street, but I do speak “economy”—it’s similar to Austrian.  And what the economy is saying is that it has cut the fat, and is now cutting into muscle!  Actually, the economy has been cutting muscle like a Jihadist since Jan of 2009, and putting band aids on throat cuts. Yet AP can see the positive signs in all of this as they continually point out in their article, saying quite contradictory that they expect the economy to continue to add jobs, as it…cuts more jobs. 

And the 10.2% unemployment—you know, the number that “Stimulus the Lying Greek” would not let happen—well it did, and it will continue to rise, providing even more “Obama Hope” for the coming year!  This good news just in time for the Christmas season!

And things just keep getting better, as you can see here:

A Labor Department analyst said the closing of state unemployment offices for last week’s Thanksgiving holiday was responsible for some of the decline.

I’m not even sure what this means, but it reeks of “liberal math” and Obama’s definition of transparency! I’m just guessing here, but either they under-reported unemployment, since the offices were closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  Could it be?  Find out next week, ObamaNation fans, when the lamestream media asks The Messiah, “Is that a brat or just a straight up hotdog you’re eating, Sir?!!”

Despite all this “Holiday” cheer, the report does become somewhat negative, as noted here:

But the Federal Reserve said in a report Wednesday that employers in most regions are reluctant to hire new workers, even as the economy stages a modest recovery.  Meanwhile, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits for more than a week rose by 28,000 to 5.5 million, the department said. Analysts had expected a decline.

Holy Ginsu…but WAIT! “…the number of people claiming unemployment…rose by 28,000…”  Eight minus five add the twenty…well that’s just complicated math.  It does appear however to this bumpkin that 28,000 jobs lost is more than the aforementioned 5,000 who got off unemployment insurance?

This morsel may provide the REAL answer to the recovery:

That total doesn’t include millions of unemployed Americans that are receiving benefits under extended programs paid for by the federal government.  About 4.5 million people were receiving extended benefits in the week ended Nov. 14, the latest data available. That’s an increase of about 300,000 from the previous week. The jump is a result of Congress adding another 14 to 20 weeks of extra benefits last month, the fourth extension since the recession began and the longest total extension on record.

 Here’s the wrap:

It is evident that this recovery is working…in China.  Unemployment is holding steady at 10.2% though it could rise more, and is projected to be as high as 17% since many have quit looking for jobs.

And there is the hopeful sign that employers are reluctant to hire, since that prevents Obama from having to create or save any new jobs.

But perhaps the best holiday cheer for America is we are confident that we finally have a leader we can TRUST in this vida loca!

That’s my rant!

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