Tiger Experiences Racism of The Left

tiger-woods-affairThere has been much discussion about Tiger’s choice of mistresses, and the fact that none of them were black. I found this laughable at first, thought that people were joking.  They were not.  So as I pondered the Left’s ability to demagogue race in all circumstances, I concluded that the Left is showcasing their racism yet again. Tiger has been left by the Left; dangling on that flimsy limb, yes, all because none of his mistresses were black.

Liberals are amazingly silent in speaking for Tiger Woods. Maybe they don’t quite know how to handle the major screw up of one of their own who appears wholesome, dare I say, “conservative!” Up to now, Tiger has played it by the book for the Left. Woods provided that glimmer of hope that the Left could be redeemed.

Early on Tiger declared himself a multi-racial person, to a degree denying his blackness, thus encompassing all people.  Earl Woods was half African-American, a quarter Chinese and a quarter American Indian, and Tiger’s mother Kultida is half Thai, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Dutch. Let’s see, this makes Tiger a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, a quarter Thai, an eighth American Indian, and an eight Dutch. Talk about your rainbow coalition!

The “power Left” , aka white elitist loved Tiger’s multi-cultural stance, however Tiger’s declaration angered black folks.  The racist elitists won, and Tiger was vindicated in the lamestream media.  He was allowed to be “multi-racial with no emphasis on being black.”  This distinction actually trumps the race card!

Tiger got back in the good graces of blacks by attending the Abomination of Obama, known to the Left as the Inauguration.  A number one showing up to support THE one.  Yet today, the poster child for ‘multi-racial with no emphasis on being black’ achievement has been left by the Left in his time of need.

When you consider that Liberal knucklehead Whoopi Goldberg was willing to give Roman Polanski the benefit of the doubt for raping a 13-year old girl, coming to the defense of Woods would have been a no brainer.  Perhaps Whoopi’s silence on this subject is based on the shellacking she received by the Left for dating Hollywood hunk, Ted Danson.  Steve Buscemi, perhaps; but Danson?! H-E-double crooked socks NO!  Jewish name notwithstanding, a “fugly” black chick like Goldberg simply cannot cross the color barrier with a bona fide Hollywood hunk!  Socialist please!

And where is Reverend “Baby Daddy”?  This is a perfect scenario for Jesse Jackson to offer Woods his counsel, and some obviously much needed spiritual advice.  Jackson was “Johnny on the spot” when Bill Clinton was caught in The Lewinski Incident, parlaying Clinton’s mea culpa into an ambassadorship to The Dark Continent.  Who knows, by supporting Tiger in this time of crisis, Jackson might have replaced Stevie Williams as Tiger’s caddy—a very lucrative position.  But Jackson has remained uncharacteristically silent.  I guess as long as the indiscretion is not inter-racial, Reverend Baby Daddy will allow himself to chime in, as he did with Clinton.  Perhaps Jackson has no experience with inter-racial infidelities, as Jackson’s own dalliance was with a sista; the rumor is that sista wasn’t the only one, however.

As Cleavon Little said in Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?”  For Jackson, there are none.  He wouldn’t dare have “gone outside of his race” to mess around. Because Jackson has no interest in white “womens.”  Or does he?

Ex-president Bill Clinton could have stepped up, come to Tiger’s aid, provided guidance to the young brotha. Yet Clinton has abandoned one of his own, if you consider that many black folks considered Clinton the first black president.  Clinton too has left Tiger high and dry, subject to the whims of public scrutiny.  Clinton hasn’t even invoked the Liberal spin machine to help form opinion about Tiger, turn Tiger’s bad into a good.  Like all things Democrat, the real first black president, who happens to be fish-belly white has abandoned Tiger faster than Rosie O’Donnell can eat a chicken wing.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed on this black man that Clinton only messed around with white women. For his loyalty to the Democrat policy of staying true to his race, the Left stood firmly with Clinton, protecting him as a mother bear would her cubs. They said things like, “His private life is his own affair!” And “It’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to bring a brother down.”

And who’s helping Elin?  Hillary hasn’t run to Tiger’s wife Elin to provide solace, and more importantly to teach her how to parlay this incident into a faux political career.  To make a silk purse from a pig’s ear.  Shouldn’t this be Elin’s time to ride the coattail of Tiger, maybe enter the LPGA?  So what Elin doesn’t play golf! Hillary was a housewife turned Senator for goodness sake!  Now she is 4th in line for the presidency!

0000369337-002Here’s the wrap:

Tiger broke the first rule of Democrat racism:  Don’t step out of your race…boy! Tiger had MANY races to choose from.  People may think I’m being facetious, but ask yourself these questions:  Would Clinton have been elected if he were married to a black woman?  Would Obama have been elected if Michelle were white? Of course not! In the case of Obama, the Guilters wouldn’t have felt quite so guilty.  For blacks, this would have been Obama’s Tiger scenario.

Black racists are willing to overlook your infidelities, rally behind you and be your most vehement supporters, just as they did Clinton… as long as you honor the Democrat racist code and remain within your race.  Guilters feel the same.  With all Tiger’s nationalities he had many chances to avoid the wrath of the Left.

The irony is that no blacks got hurt by any of this.  The real victim here is Stevie Williams, Tiger’s caddie…the kiwi white guy.  Stevie could lose about $1M, if Tiger decides to take the most expensive punishment for infidelity in the history of man by skipping golf this year…$180M.  Then again, the stimulus could kick in and save Tiger’s and Stevie’s jobs, so there is “hope.” 

To think that for the Left all of this bad press could have been avoided—if Tiger had just chosen ONE black mistress.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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