Chris Matthews Says, “I Forgot I Was Stupid”

I keep thinking that white Liberals have finally hit a new low, but they keep on digging.  This time it’s Chris Matthews. Either a ratings ploy for MSNBC, or as Matthews might be thinking today, “I forgot I was stupid!

By now everybody has heard his comment, “I forgot he was black.”  Matthews then attempted a mea culpa by saying that he credited Obama with closing the racial divide—Matthews’ second stupid comment that night.

There is no recovery from the first statement, “I forgot he was black.”  So just I decided to give my Top Ten reasons Chris Matthews “forgot he [Obama] was black:”

  1. He’s so bad at basketball, I forgot he was black.
  2. He’s so inept at being the black first president, I forgot he was black.
  3. He’s so pro-abortion, I forgot he was black.
  4. He’s so hates the church, I forgot he was black.
  5. He’s so keeps black people down, I forgot he was black.
  6. He’s so light-skinned with no Negro dialect, I forgot he was black.
  7. He’s so articulate and clean, I forgot he was black.
  8. He’s so educated, I forgot he was black.
  9. He’s so intelligent AND married to a domineering black militant woman, I forgot he was black.

10.  He got me so wee weed up, I forgot he was black.

Matthews then attempted to correct the record to say that what he meant to say is that Obama is the person who closed the racial divide in America.  Really

I think Obama was the benefactor of the racial divide being closed…by Republicans!  And there are many black Republican soldiers still battling against the racial divide that continues to this day, because of racists like Matthews, Reid, Biden, Dean. Does Clarence Thomas ring a bell Pavlov?

I find it amazing, incredulous in fact that Matthews tried to crawl out of his hole by sucking up to Obama and the rest of the Left, crediting Obama with something Obama absolutely hasn’t not done.  Why not just give Obama a Nobel Peace prize for Goodness sakes?!

Interestingly enough, Obama has done more to polarize America along racial lines than great Democrat racist icon Woodrow Wilson—the Progressive who reinstituted segregation back into the White House and America.  And if that irony challenges your sensibilities, try this. 

In Obama’s “State of the Union formerly Known as Bush”, he actually mentioned being fair in areas of race, meanwhile earlier in the year at Black Nationalist Headquarters—the former White House—recall that Obama exonerated two Black Panthers who were in obvious violation of others’ civil rights laws as they attempted to intimidate the very voters who freed their black butts in the first place…REPUBLICANS!

Here’s the wrap:

Democrats and their racist kissing cousins, the Progressives and Liberals are all complicit in their revisionist thinking.  Thankfully we can still use the tools against them, like cameras and lots of hard drive memory.

When you consider the obvious racist views that we capture and record, like Reid’s recent comments, Biden’s racist quips, and Matthews, just imagine what we MISS! 

The cocktail party conversations at the Pelosi’s, the Kerry’s, the Kennedy’s, and so on. You couldn’t find a better representative group of racist aristocrats unless you added their new Poster Boy for racial unity, one bourgeois Barack Hussein Obama.  The type of black man who would be excoriated in the black community, should he have an “R” after his name instead of a “D!”  That’s how racist Demcrats roll!

Conservatives don’t see color, except as an adjective—a descriptor.  That is because Conservatives truly judge people by their deeds and not their looks.  Is it even worth mentioning the media onslaught that would have occurred had a Fox pundit said what Matthews had said?  What about a Republican?  I didn’t think so.

What America witnessed is real Liberalism, Progressivism, and the real thoughts of Democrats on race in the statements of people like Matthews, Reid, Boxer, and so on.  They represent the intelligentsia and their “devolved” thinking. They know what is best for “us po’ Negros.”

Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals got what they wanted with the great racist LBJ, one of their icons—The man who started The Great Society, that lead to the UnGreat Society, that has led to the Ingrate Society.  It’s time for America to wake up and recognize who the real racists are!

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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