God Spotted in MA

The Democrats are in panic mode, and they’d better be! To paraphrase Edward G. Robinson in The Ten Commandments, “Where’s your God now, Liberals!” Oh, that’s right, Liberals want God out…and black Jesus in!

Even black Jesus won’t save the day in the land soon-to-be formerly known as The People’s Republic of Taxachussetts. Obama rode in on his white horse, and rode out on a black sheep!

The reason the salad days have ended is because of black Jesus himself! It is simply not possible to lie more during a campaign than Obama did during his campaign, as if his truths were scary enough!

Obama said he would essentially neuter our military, release terrorists from GITMO, raise taxes on the rich, redistribute wealth, discourage business, and the list goes on. By not accomplishing all that he wanted, he has still managed to wreck the economy, and give America the highest unemployment since his mentor, Jimmy Carter—another embarrassment to America.

Obama left little doubt that he believes in the government running big businesses, when he “bailed out” the unions and the financial industry, since the free market system just couldn’t cut it. He put money in shovel-ready projects, and people are digging holes for themselves all over America.

Obama is full of silly ideas, origins that could only come from theory, as they had no use in the real world. One of those ideas–Healthcare–may just be his undoing.  Here is Obama in 2005 discussing healthcare and social security:

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, a Republican may be the front-runner, and I predict will be the next senator from Massachusetts. Talk about the people revolting. And if you want to witness the vitriol of the Left—in your face—just let a Republican win something that the Democrats take for granted. Here is Keith Olbermann demonstrating exactly what I mean.

I can hardly wait for the reaction from Democrats, when black folks revolt against them! They’ve been taking black folks for granted for years, and I say the black folks equivalent of Massachusetts is on its way!

The Democrats are getting exactly what they deserve! A sound old-fashioned country butt-kicking! And this special election could not have come at a better time to provide just that!

The irony is that this election is sandwiched between MLK, Jr’s birthday and Black History Month, representing both Emancipation Part Deux and the next Civil Rights revolution! What an historic time, as this time it is not just blacks being freed, it is America being freed!

It’s Civil War II, and the only bloodshed…unless you count the brain hemorrhaging happening with Democrats all over the country! In Civil War II, the North and the South decided collectively to reject decisively Obama’s agenda. Boston is the new Antietam, the perfect place to fight the second Civil War.

Here’s the wrap:

Win or lose for Republicans, the MA senate race is a rejection of Obama, socialism, and all that he represents. It has nothing to do with Coakley, incompetent she certainly is.

This race is a rejection of the scam of the light-skinned black-with-no-Negro dialect, communist sympathizer, no-talent-no-resume having, social ladder climbing, rock-star wannabe, so-called leader of the New World Order. This rejection is LONG overdue!

This election shows that Guilters recognize that they voted for the wrong black man. I applaud them for admitting it…sort of.

They realize that America is being held hostage, and it’s time we brought her home. She’s tired and hungry! But with a little pampering, she will be the beautiful beacon of light for the world that she once was.

As much as I detest the Obama administration, I have to say that it may have been necessary. It took Obama to show us the radical side of the Left’s ideology, and thankfully he scared his own. As the saying goes, “God gives us not what we want but what we need”–Though at times He leaves us not knowing whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts!

I believe that God is trying to tell us—and THEM—something!  I believe God will make one of His boldest statements today. Because when Brown wins, it will be God giving America REAL hope and change.

That’s my rant!

© Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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