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I’ve already stated that the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union speech, though adequate, lacked passion. The immediate feedback from Republicans to my comment was “It was better than Jingals’ response!” Big deal.

After the State of the Union speech, Obama finally reaches out to Republicans. It only took a year! And now based on this video, Republicans are getting all wee weed up. Well not me!

It’s not kumbaya all over again—as if it ever was—and I won’t allow the Republican to revert to being the playground sissies.

Obama called this meeting not to get inputs from the Republicans, but to ACT like he is getting inputs from the Republicans. Recall his smug reminder to Republicans, “I won!”

Obama is taking a page from The Art of War and is attempting to dismiss his loss, and use his opponents win against them. The “never let them see you sweat” approach.

If Obama really wanted this meeting to occur for the right reasons, he would have done it within his first week of his presidency, not a year! The Great Uniter essentially told Republicans to go stick their thumbs up their butts, while he legislated left of Trotsky!

Thankfully the grassroots stepped in to protect the Republicans or Republicans would have rolled over like trained seals. Our job apparently is not finished.

Obama cares about two things: (1) His hide and (2) the destruction of America as we have all known it.

The subtlety of the video is that Republicans are acting as if this was some magical meeting with the messiah. I know they appear tough in the video, however don’t believe the hype. Most of these guys are career politicians, and easily beguiled. Like the majority of politicians, they are hedging their bets…just in case Obama regains his popularity.  Watch it again, and note the wishy-washy language.

Most have forgotten Scott Brown and are already preparing to “reach across the aisle,” and it’s not to choke a Regressive? Well I say, you take the Limbaugh approach, and make sure his policies don’t work. Because any slight revival is good for Obama, not America.  Improvement would only further Obama’s Communist agenda.

Obama just got his boney ass kicked in MA, and by a freaking nude model, and Republicans are ready to spoon with these Regressive Democrat traitors. Republicans are dusting off the same old tired ineffective tactics that have been tried over and over, all to impress an America who is sick of Obama and his band of thieves, and the lack of true differences between the Parties.

What better time than now for Republicans to say, “See, I told you Democrats are this frickin’ crazy!”

America is also tired of professional bureaucrats who have been in government way too long, and who believe the people’s seats are their seats!

Due to Republican failings, God had to end Kennedy’s reign over MA, and the grassroots had to smoke Dodd. For other Liberals too stupid to smell the grass clippings, know this…the new Conservative America ain’t Astroturf!

I believe most Americans are like me, that is, tired of backing a group of losers. Losers negotiate, winners gloat! Winners talk in 3rd-person, like boxers who have just kicked the crap out of the loser, long since dispatched to his dressing room or better yet…the hospital. No paparazzi for the loser, unless he dies!

Meanwhile the loser’s girlfriend stands ringside ready to boink, guess who…the winner!

Here’s the wrap:

The Republicans should not consider compromise with Obama for anything. You don’t win in a Liberal enclave like MA and negotiate from a position of compromise. Republicans should deal with Obama like political heavyweight champions, showcasing their new championship belt that has at its center Obama’s well-kicked balls.

One speech does not a successful administration make. Obama still has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. All Obama needs is a little push…into the grave!

America has rejected Obama’s policies, and resoundingly so. The policies that need to come forward now should be Republican…period!

Obama would love to co-sponsor some token legislation with built-in scapegoats! He would be happy to take credit for the good, or in the event of failure feed America a few evil Republicans…the other white meat!

Republicans need to recall what Obama said during the election. Then they need to look at his actions. Because Obama words are as empty as a Liberal’s skull!

It’s time for Obama to have a humbling. It’s long overdue. And it’s time for the world to witness the exceptionalism of America again.

Finally, it’s time for Republicans shift tactics; engage in the fight that the grassroots have waged over the past year. In case Republicans aren’t aware…we’re WINNING!

That’s my rant!

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