95,000 Jobs a Month – LOL!

The White House announced today that they would create 95,000 new jobs per month this year.  What they didn’t say is the jobs would be in China!

Of course Americans should believe this new jobs figure, because it is based on solid research and abject proof.  Here is evidence that bolsters these WH figures:

  1. They have already not created 95,000 jobs in Jan (440,000 LOST!)
  2. They have already not created 95,000 jobs in Feb
  3. During the campaign, Obama said he would create or save 2.5M jobs (removed from website)
  4. During the campaign, Obama revised his estimates upward to save or create 4.1M jobs
  5. This is the administration who gave us transparency and five days to review all legislation
  6. There will be no lobbyists in this administration
  7. They said they would cut the budget
  8. They promised line item veto and to cut spending—raised the debt ceiling over $1.5T
  9. If we don’t believe him, Obama will send Navy “corpsemen” after us
  10. Look at how well they predicted the destruction of the world due to global warming!

As you can see, Obama is a man of his “words,” but it’s his actions that leave me and most Americans dumbfounded.

Exactly what is Obama doing to spur job growth?  Doubling the money supply with no gain in productivity?  Let me put it a different way.  Diluting our money by 50%?

In a stroke of Harvard genius, Obama gave BILLIONS of our hard earned green backs to the failing financial and auto industries, and had the nerve to call it “investment.”  We would have received a higher return investing in Zimbabwe government bonds.

What next from Little Boy Wonder?  Stimulus—the evil bastard love child of Obama and Pelosi.  Stimulus is a brat, who enjoys arson, torturing animals, and fleecing American taxpayers. Stimulus will grow up to be a serial killer, offering nothing useful to the world, unless you are a forensic accountant and enjoy dissecting what’s left of America’s financial system.

Unbelievably, Pelosi is pregnant again!  After consulting the Liberal Baby Names book, Barack and Nancy have decided to name this next little bastard, “Jobs Bill”—“Jobs” in honor of Apple for saving the American economy with the iPod and the iPhone, and his next namesake is “Bill,” in honor of Clinton, because you just never know if Bill could be the father. I see a Maury episode in the Liberals’ future.

In his recurring bout with selective memory, Obama must have forgotten his original promise of 2.5M jobs by 2011, revised to 4.1M—since removed from the website.  Now we are down to just 1.1M jobs…and change

As they said in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, “You’re going the wrong way!”

So what does Obama have as the plan to create over 1M jobs this year?  Shovel ready projects?  With the number of people who will be committing suicide over this economy, his timing might be apropos.

Perhaps green jobs? Wind farms, solar panels, more wind farms, more solar panels, and of course solar panels and wind farms.  The big bonanza in going green will be all the bureaucratic union jobs the industry will engender. 

The wind and the sun will need representation.  Why should they work for FREE?!  The sun working 12 hours a day, and in Alaska up to 24 hours a day!  And there is the racial aspect of the sun, working harder in Africa, but slacking off in Sweden!  These things must be addressed.

As for the wind, well it is always blowing…somewhere!  Surely it must get tired.  What about vacation, sick days, bereavement, maternity leave to have all those baby winds, known as “breezes?”

These unions will need representation in Washington, so there’s another industry that Obama will prop up with our taxpayer dollars.  He will create 2000 green production jobs, and 2M union and lobbyist jobs to support the green industry.

But Obama’s crowning achievement will come from America’s largest employer…the government. 

Here’s the wrap:

The American economy has gotten a leg blown off, and all Obama has is morphine.

Obama’s recipe is simple…just make something up!  It doesn’t have to have even the remotest possibility of being real!  And this new jobs initiative is no different.

Obama has NO way to generate 95,000 jobs a month in 2010.  He’d be lucky if he could create 95,000 net by the end of the year!  You know what, let’s just throw in 2011 for good measure, because it won’t matter!

The few jobs that might be created will be government jobs. More bureaucrats to tell the other bureaucrats what to tell the other bureaucrats about explaining things to more bureaucrats!  That’s all Obama and his “team” knows…bureaucracy.

And don’t be fooled by the little brother of Stimulus, regardless of his reduced cost—now $15B according to Harry Reid.  All the Liberal Democrat Progressive Regressives are doing is giving you the down payment on the next big government Spend-a-Palooza!

$15B or $150B, if you have nothing new in the way of innovation, and no incentive to get there, then you can’t create jobs.  “Hop Chang” sends his regards from China however…Nei Hao!

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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