Jobs Bill and Baby Steps

Lost in the white noise of recent Democrat loses and other setbacks is the fact that Democrats are the dominant party.  The new $15B jobs plan reinforces that Liberal Democrats will take whatever they want, and Republicans are helpless to stop them.  When the tactic of force doesn’t work, Democrats resort to their tried and true tactic of…“baby steps.”

Democrats would love to blame the present condition of the economy and a host of other things on the notion that they can’t prevent the filibuster. But let’s not forget that the Democrats hold 59 Senate seats to the Republicans 41!

The fact that Democrats are belly-aching about not having a super majority is incredulous when you think about it rationally.  Democrats control both houses of Congress with overwhelming majorities, yet they complain, “My Ferrari uses too much gas!”

The change in the Democrats’ strategy was not because of the MA seat going Republican, but because America became aware of just how crazy Obama’s ideas are.  Most Democrats are happier than a hippy who made it through customs that Obama was unable to pass things like card check, Cap and Tax, and DeathCare, and the polls prove that.  Had it not been for Republicans blocking these ridiculous ideas, America would be 88% union, paying 3X for its energy, and own DeathCare policies, but waiting on the five year delay for the policies to take effect.

The so-called mandate was not a mandate at all.  Those warm fuzzy feelings for Obama in 2008 are now seen as just indigestion in 2010.  And it was Obama’s policies that have forced the Democrats to pump the brakes, i.e. shift tactics. Baby steps.

Most big government programs began as little acorns, pardon the obvious pun. Social security began with baby steps, and is now a one-ton sacred cow.  The income tax system started with baby steps, “…to pay for the war,” and today the income tax system is a behemoth that nobody can understand.

Has the government ever rescinded any tax?  Gasoline taxes were added to finance one project or another, yet long after the projects have ended, the taxes still haunts us.  The government has become a bloated self-indulgent monster, and it got that way because it took baby steps, hardly noticed by the proletariat.

The Republicans who voted for the small—incremental is a better word—“jobs plan” are really showcasing their ignorance of history.

Consider that Democrats were able to regain their power after Reconstruction, practically erasing their vile history of racism.  They then transferred their legacy of racism to the party who actually freed the slaves and fought with valor for civil rights for blacks—the Republicans! Now that is something on which to marvel, and the Democrats did this over a period of a few decades…taking baby steps.

In 1922 Republicans held the majority in the Senate[i].  This was when Republicans were still getting the black vote and battling for the civil rights of black people. Republicans held their own until 1930[ii], where they led the Dems in the Senate 48 to 47. 

In 1932 Democrats held 59 seats, Republicans having lost 12 Senate seats[iii]. The election of 1934 brought the Democrats 9 additional seats and one Progressive seat, giving the Democrats 70 seats![iv]

When you consider the racist Progressive agenda that FDR implemented at that time, it is amazing that Republicans were able to get anything done during this time, and even easier to see how the “Progressive” baby steps began. 

Believe it or not, it got worse for Republicans. In 1936 the Demo-Progressives controlled a whopping 77 Senate seats, and Republicans only held 16![v]

The tide turned in 1937 due to the recession, as The New Deal was seen for what it was…The Raw Deal.  Republicans gained 7 seats back during this period.[vi] 

Republicans continued to gain with each election, until in 1946, they regained the majority in the Senate.[vii] 

Things flipped back and forth for a while, until the 86th Congress of 1958, where the Democrats gained 16 seats, giving them a 65-35 majority.[viii] Then Senate majority leader LBJ added to the baby steps begun by Democrat icon and fellow racist FDR in The Raw Deal

LBJ recognized what Republicans were doing for blacks—fighting for civil rights for blacks—and he knew the potential devastation the black vote could have on the Democrat’s plan to “keep the brotha down,” in the long run.  In his own words, LBJ could not let those “uppity Negros”[ix] get too much, so he devised a scheme to “…keep them N*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”[x] 

Under LBJ, The Raw Deal morphed into The Great Society, which would eventually become The InGrate Society of today.  Blacks bought into this fallacy hook, line, and sinker.

At the time of The InGrate Society, Democrats continued to gain seats in the Senate and the Democrats implemented the scheme to take over the mantle of being the party of civil rights.  LBJ’s plan on how to do this was simple:  Whatever Republicans say, just call them racists!  To paraphrase Alinsky, “If something is said often enough, people will eventually believe it.”

That is how the Republicans lost the distinction of being the party of civil rights, the party who freed the slaves, started the NAACP, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, sponsored all civil rights legislation, and began affirmative action, and how racist Democrats became the saviors of black people! A few decades of baby steps.

Here’s the wrap:

Just like Democrats have transferred their racist legacy to the Republicans and have taken control of the government with baby steps, they will transfer blame for Obama’s failed policies to the Republicans in the same way.

Like its predecessor, this new stimulus, guised as a jobs plan won’t work.  It doesn’t address critical issues in the economy that will affect jobs.  And frankly it’s not meant to work. It’s little more than another socialist money grab.

Before you even know it, $15B will become $50B will become $500B, and the money will go to unions, and other agencies that support the Democrat agenda, and it will happened right under our noses…with baby steps.

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