Poor John Mayer

Would it surprise any true Conservative to find out that yet another Liberal entertainer has revealed his racist views?  This is of course no surprise to anybody who follows my work, because you know that I put racism back where it belongs…on the Left!

Whether it’s Reid discussing light-skinned Negros, Biden commenting on the “cleanliness” of blacks, or Garofalo protecting lowly Negros in high places, the one common thread among Liberals is their ability to showcase their real racist feelings either directly or in some back-handed way. 

The most recent racist Liberal on display is John Mayer, the chanteur who gave us “Waiting on the World to Change”.  Mayer did a recent interview where it is reported,

…he also likened his penis to a white supremacist, saying he doesn’t think he “opens himself” to black women.

I guess that answers the question of whether the “little head” has a brain, because as the article suggests, Mayer’s penis “doesn’t think…”  Surprise, neither does the “big head.”

Now I’m cool with preferences.  We all have them.  Some men like bigger woman, smaller women, curvy, big booties, flat booties, big boobies, A-cups and so on. 

Preferences about color are no exception.  I understand a preference for women of Latin origin, as my preference in that way manifested itself into the first Mrs. Jackson.  And there are other ethnic preferences, all of which I understand.

That said, Mayer can prefer blonde hair, blue-eyed women.   That preference likely is based on Mayer’s  environment; how  or where he grew up. 

Freud would likely argue Mayer is exercising his Oedipus Complex, and I certainly believe that little boys look for attributes of their moms in their mates, presuming Mayer’s mom is white?

Mayer is however, a well-traveled, bon vivant. Man about town. Though born in CT, Mayer studied music in Boston, then in 1997 moved to one of America’s most “chocolate” cities, that being Atlanta, GA.  Surely Mayer got exposure to black people in Atlanta?

Regardless of where Mayer has lived, by now most twenty-somethings have been exposed to enough of the world to realize that color is little more than a genetic trait, a descriptor.  People are people. Or should be. But apparently not for Mayer.

 As fine as Jessica Simpson is, there are some sistas—a LOT in fact—who are certainly in her league, and a few are in a league of their own like Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry, Stacy Dash or Lisa Raye.     So for me, if Mayer says,“[sic] his penis doesn’t open himself to black women,” then he is either crazy or a bona fide racist.

Unlike Mayer, my “johnson” could be the Grand Dragon of the KKK, and it would gladly get jiggy with any of the aforementioned black beauties.  Frankly, Lisa Raye could have ALL my lunch money! 

Then again, so could the very white Denise Richards…aka black man’s kryptonite!  She’s so fine, I bet you Van Jones would ask somebody to slap the black off him to get with her. For me, no such slap is necessary!

Here’s the wrap:

For Mayer to summarily dismiss all black women with respect to relationships is a racist attitude, and typical of the double standard of Liberals.  Ugly black women, dumb black women, black women with no heart, black women with bad attitudes and I would give him the benefit of the doubt.  However, Mayer made no such distinctions; just that his penis doesn’t “open himself” up to black women.

It’s ok if Mayer performs with blacks, hires blacks, acts like he is supportive of causes affecting blacks; however, he doesn’t think he could have sex with black women!

Ironically, sex is the least intimate of things he has likely done with blacks, that is if you believe the shrinks. It’s the emotional connection that Mayer should covet more, a connection he likely has made with many blacks. 

However Mayer is so twisted that he believes that by denying black women sex, he is denying the best part of him. What a narcissist!

Mayer in this same interview tried to intellectualize the word “nigger” by using it, and ultimately said that he just needs to stop doing interviews.  That was his solution.

I suggest that Mayer stop “Waiting on the World to Change,” and perhaps begin changing himself.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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