Reid’s Dirty Jobs Gambit

Harry “No Negro Dialect” Reid has decided to take money OUT of a government program! Now one might think he has finally regain sanity, however as with all lifelong Liberals, that’s just not possible.

What Reid is doing is Liberalism 201.  He is taking baby steps to get to where he really wants to go. Let me give you an example of how this works.

Years ago, Liberals decided to go after what they call Big Tobacco.   So they taxed the heck out of them. Who wouldn’t believe that taxing a “drug” is a good thing?  As a non-smoker, I was happy to see taxes that hit everyone equally.  A consumption tax, as it were.  Anyway, Big Tobacco responded by adding the tax to the cost of cigarettes, so for them, “No blood, no foul,” laughed Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco 1…Liberals 0.

The Liberals decided that they would really get Big Tobacco, this time using the courts.  So they sued Big Tobacco, after discovering what people already knew…cigarettes contain an addictive drug.  But that’s not all.  The suits was brought because evidence was found that Big Tobacco was…improving their product.  They were trying to get people to want more of their product. How DARE they!

Like other companies, Big Tobacco released “new and improved” versions of their product.  This would be like the makers of Gain putting nice aromas in their laundry detergent—Intoxicating aromas, hypnotizing you to “buy Gain!”  How DARE they!

Big Tobacco was no different, doing what anybody in corporate America would do.  Since the government has sanctioned the use of tobacco, knowing the physiological consequences, the health issues, Big Tobacco did what the makers of Gain did…they put intoxicants in their products.

This was seen as obscene by the Liberals.  Big Tobacco actually trying to stay in business, improve their product, grow their business, and make a profit! Damn them!

So the Liberals sued and won—sort of.  While they were celebrating the demise of Big Tobacco, there were those celebrating more revenue for the government.  Meanwhile, Big Tobacco merely passed the cost of these lawsuits onto the public. “No blood, no foul!” laughed Big Tobacco. 

Big Tobacco 2…Liberals 0.

Since the courts were not able to accomplish what the Libs had in mind, they changed tactics.  They started instituting smoking bans.  But they needed a boogeyman.  One wasn’t available, so they created one, and called him Second-Hand Smoke.

Second-hand smoke was a KILLER!  A notorious bandit that one, though not quite as bad as his more nefarious cousin…Global Climate Change!  And like global climate change, second-hand smoke statistics were just as “made up!”

Based on trumped up data, the Liberals were able to get smoking banned from Federal buildings.  States followed suit, especially Liberal enclaves like California.  Some states went further. 

The Liberals next demanded completely separate smoking areas, and proprietors were forced to put in special ventilation systems.  They wanted “separate but equal” areas within restaurants, to protect the “little man!”  This was an attempt to get proprietors to just eliminate smoking altogether; it didn’t work.

When proprietors complied, the Liberals decided that smoking should be banned in business establishments altogether.

Give me your tired, poor, your huddled masses, yearning to smoke, and they can do so…outside of buildings, and not just Federal buildings.  So these huddled masses dialy brave the 20 degrees below (no thanks to Global Warming) or the 100 degree Texas sun.

That will fix ‘em,” the Libs thought. It was little more than a flesh wound!

Next baby step was banning all smoking in some cities. Believe it or not, there are proposals to not allow you to smoke in your own apartment, and get this…your own HOME!  The home that you OWN!

Now the idea is that the air you breath out as a smoker is killing people.  As if they funky-butt, stank-breath, noxious hot air of these Libs trolls is not twice as deadly!

Here’s the wrap:

All this effort, because the Liberals had the long-term goal of destroying Big Tobacco.  What they haven’t counted on is that Big Tobacco pays a LOT of taxes.  And like most things Liberal, they are trying to kill the goose who lays the golden eggs.

After all this wrangling, Big Tobacco is doing fairly well, particularly given the economy.  No blood, no foul.

Big Tobacco 3…Liberals 0!

Reid’s new proposal is no different.  He wants to back Republicans in a corner, because the new jobs bill—Stimulus II—at only $15B is an offer the Republicans can’t refuse.  Reid ask for an inch, so he can take a mile.  He believes this gambit will resurrect his career. 

This is a calculated move by the Obama administration. Either way is a win for Obama. Republicans say no, and they are anti-small business. Republican say yes, and we begin the slippery slope of Big Tobacco.  But what Obama and Reid forget.  Big Tobacco WON! 

My advice to Republicans is to reject Reid’s gambit. Thankfully for the Republicans, the grass roots has their back.  Will the Dems sell their idea on this for a bit? Perhaps.  But in the end, “No blood, no foul!”

Republicans 1…LibDemProgressiveRegressives 0

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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