Cleaver Delivers Nothing for KC Blacks

Democrat Congressman Emanuel Cleaver would like Obama to create jobs for black people in his city. Obviously Cleaver is high from breathing the toxic fumes of hope and change. Obama can’t create jobs for white folks, so how on God’s green earth will he create jobs for black folks?! Maybe Cleaver expects stimulus for bail bondsmen, BBQ joints, and hair salons?

Though unemployment in the state of Missouri is at 9.9%, it’s not that way in one of Missouri’s most populace city. Unemployment for blacks in Kansas City, part of the district represented by Cleaver is estimated to be around double the national average, or roughly 20%.  In fact there is hardly a major metropolitan area in the US where black unemployment does not exceed the national average by double

The common denominator for all these cities?  You guessed it…run by Democrats!

Lucky for Pastor Cleaver he is in a congressional district that all but guarantees he will get re-elected. This and other districts like it all over America were gerrymandered when Democrats were in office in order to implement The Negro Project[1]—the project that put prominent pastors in charge of black folks, with the intent of limiting the economic rise of the black population.  Added benefit: Limiting the black population too!

No matter what, Cleaver is likely safe in his district. Black Democrats love incompetent black Democrat leaders.  It is Republicans that black Democrat actually hold to any standards of accomplishment.  If Cleaver had to base his job on actually helping black people, there is little doubt that he would have the desk closest to the door.

Cleaver returned to Kansas City after his meeting with Obama, as if he were a conquering hero.  Upon his arrival, he imparted these words of wisdom about Obama’s job creation strategy:

He [Obama] obviously couldn’t guarantee that it would happen, he only guaranteed that he would try to make it happen.

Black people of Kansas City rejoice!  Cleaver got Obama to commit to…TRY!  Hallelujah!  That’s all that matters to Cleaver and frankly all black Democrats is that Obama TRY!  After all, Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner for accomplishing…NOTHING!  At least he TRIED!

In his meeting with Obama, Cleaver obviously bet more on “hope” then “change.”   Let’s see how that strategy of hope pays off for black people wanting jobs in Kansas City.

It just goes to show how useless the Congressional Black Caucus is in really solving the issues plaguing the black community. They are not looking for results, just effort, “trying.”  You know, everybody gets a trophy! 

Well trying won’t pay the bills, and trying without a real hope for success is a fool’s folly. Black people need a lot less trying and a lot more “resulting!”

Cleaver’s discussion with Obama on black unemployment in KC was fruitful, however. In order to solve the unemployment issue in black America, these two geniuses decided to provide temporary jobs for black youths!  And black folks wonder why I am so critical of Obama (and the CBC). It is truly the blind leading the morons!

Cleaver believes that black kids want to take $7 an hour jobs, when they can sit at home playing video games and have sex on the public dole?!  Because those are the choices that Democrats have given them.  Most can make more money thwarting the system, than these “temporary jobs” will provide.

Cleaver and the rest of the Congressional DEMOCRAT Black Caucus act as if the issue of black unemployment is a new thing; like it just sneaked up on them.  Well it didn’t.  They’ve known about it for years. But these so-called black leaders have passed and continue to pass the buck, as Cleaver does here:

African-Americans and Hispanics missed out on the Industrial Revolution because of race,” said Cleaver, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus’s jobs task force. “We should not miss out on the Green (Jobs) Revolution.

Hey, it’s not Cleaver’s fault.  It’s the fault of white men from the past. But Cleaver doesn’t even have the courage to tell you the Democrats at fault, namely FDR with The Raw Deal[2], and LBJ with The InGrate Society[3].  Those two racist Democrat icons are the real architects of the demise of the black community.

Cleaver goes on to take a shot at Americans who are tired of carrying the freight for the lazy and those who finance his incompetence, saying this:

People who are looking for jobs aren’t going to have boisterous town hall meetings,” Cleaver said. “They’re out looking for jobs.

Yeah those politically astute townhallers (Tea Partiers) are the real culprits here! Damn them for educating themselves on the issues and stopping the gravy train.

One of Cleaver’s constituents, 20-year old Roneisha Rogers complains that, she “lacks transportation and child care options to be able to work jobs in much of the metro area.”  Perhaps Roneisha expects America to buy her a car and provide a babysitter?  Better yet, how about we get her a chauffeur-driven limo, and a nanny?

Cleaver and his ilk are all too ready to pass the problems plaguing the black community on to the taxpayers of America, leaving personal responsibility in the dust. Allow me to suggest this to people in Roneisha’s circumstance.

Before you get pregnant by some ne’er-do-well, you ascertain if he will be a good father and a mate in it for the long haul.  The potential for two incomes gives you a better shot at success in America.

Next, change your circumstances.  If you can’t get childcare, then rely on family and friends and do what millions of other Americans do in similar circumstances…make it happen!  America owes you nothing.  Believe it or not, there are people who do WALK to work or take public transportation, move in with family, and the myriad of other options available to you.

Democrats have destroyed blacks’ ability to see a way out, a way to overcome.  Democrats did this when they destroyed the family!  Democrats replaced the nuclear black family with some government run ugly hybrid that does not work. The patriarch for black families is now the Fed.

Today, black people for the most part live like herds of elephants, the matriarch there generation after generation, and some rogue male elephant coming along every now and then to fertilize the herd.  The good matriarchs keep dying off, leaving a weaker and weaker group to be females.  And the rogues who are impregnating the herd are more abundant, and shiftless and lazy as ever.

This is why blacks lead negatively (per capita) in most social categories.  High school dropout rates, lowest college entrance rates, lowest college graduation rates, highest teenage pregnancy, highest single parent homes, highest prison population (not per capita!), lowest home ownership, and here’s a really good one:  Lowest business ownership.  Is it any wonder blacks have the highest unemployment rates! 

Billboard: If the businesses owned in your neighborhood are not by people of your ethnicity, you live in a black neighborhood! Thank a Democrat!

Here’s the wrap:

Cleaver needs to stop passing the buck on what has been his responsibility for over 20 years as a politician in Kansas City, and is the problem plaguing every major city in American and every member of the CBC.  

Further, he has been complicit with the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus shirking his national responsibility to help blacks, since getting elected to Congress in 2005.  Cleaver and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus should be ridden out one a rail, without the rail.  They have been wholly ineffective, and it’s time black people and “Guilters” stop rewarding this type of gross incompetence.

For you detractors, I say to you, “Don’t believe your lying eyes,” as you drive through major metropolitan areas, navigating with your GPS.  I bet you wish at times that those GPS units had a “avoid the bad part of town” button.  Let’s give that button a name:  Urban Democrat Avoidance.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

[1] A project sponsored by eugenicists to limit the population of Negros by using a few selected black leaders to control the remainder of the Negro population

[2] Called The New Deal by Liberals

[3] LBJ called his program The Great Society, which history says was a plan to empower blacks. However it was quite the opposite.

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