Democrat Turmoil

I have said for some time that the Democrats are embroiled in internal battles.  When you have everybody fighting for their own agendas, such as gay rights, black reparations, illegal immigration, and your group is a hodgepodge of beatniks, pacifists, druggies, pedophiles, anarchists, atheists, and so on, you are bound to have internal battles.

The Liberals’ bigger problem?  They are leaderless.  Obama referred to himself as a blank canvas once, suggesting that he is open to all ideas, implying that he is open-minded.  But the fact is, his open mind is an empty head.  Obama is simply a rudderless ship, wandering aimlessly, waiting on the next ill wind.  Nevertheless, as bad as Obama is, it gets worse when you consider Obama’s congressional leaders.

Nancy Pelosi is a Mommie Dearest who was promoted on the Peter Principle as opposed to having real skills. She rules with authoritarian style, her only skill—if you consider that a skill.  Pelosi intimidates, unable to gain willful cooperation. She is a walking contradiction, and always aware that those around her fear her, but don’t respect her. 

Harry Reid is the nerd who rode the wave. Nobody would respect him in the real world, and the only respect he has garnered politically is based solely on his ability to be the perfect lackey.  Fortunately for America, Reid has reached his term limit.

But the turmoil in Congress for Democrats continues. 

In case you didn’t notice during the Mis-State of the Union address, House Democrats were taunting Senate Democrats, pointing fingers at each other, like a couple of high school pep squads. They were actually trying to outclap each other! And their battle wages over DeathCare, disguised as healthcare reform. 

Anybody with half a brain—and even Democrats—realize that healthcare is not only DeathCare for Americans, but also the death nail for political careers.  Yet Democrat elites are committing fratricide, beginning with the wounded, e.g. Dodd, and the very young, like first term Senator Claire McCaskill.  Preserve the Old Guard, everybody else be damned.

According to this article in Politico…

The anger is most palpable in the House, where Pelosi and her allies believe Obama’s reluctance to stake his political capital on health care reform in mid-2009 contributed to the near collapse of negotiations now.

But there is also tension between Congress and the White house.

But sources say there are also signs of strain between Reid and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, and relations between Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate are hovering between thinly veiled disdain and outright hostility.

And freshmen Congressmen are beginning to recognize the writing on the wall, and are speaking out, as referenced here.

In a display of contempt unfathomable in the feel-good days after Obama’s Inauguration, freshman Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) stood up at a meeting with Pelosi last week to declare: “Reid is done; he’s going to lose” in November, according to three people who were in the room.

Believe it or not, she went on to say that Democrats would be “f—-ed” if they failed to heed the lessons of Massachusetts. Bulletin for Titus: Democrats are “f—ed”…regardless!

Massachusetts was not just about DeathCare. It was about politicians gone wild, and specifically Democrat politicians–Drunk on power and ready to spend our money to remain in power.  Pick your non-lubricated supposedly disenfranchised group, and Obama is there to grease them up, ready to pander to all at the appropriate time.

Here’s the wrap:

Democrats have mutiny on the bounty, and Obama is their captain. They will always be in a constant state of disarray. It is impossible for them not to be, because you can’t have that many competing ideologies without disruption, especially when you have leadership who can’t say no!

This is why Democrats rally around central issues such as racism or pro-choice to attack Republicans—knowing they are completely hypocritical on both!  Their “common ground” strategy allows them to control their proletariat, and that buys time. 

At the appropriate time, Dems always throw a piece of raw meat to their minions, e.g. “I will rescind the ‘Don’t ask don’t tell policy in the military!”  Eat up, gay knuckleheads.  As if gay people really want to FIGHT!

Republicans may have a few RINOs we need to get rid of, and we have much to learn in handling internal issues and battling Liberals.  However, compared to the Liberal Democrat Progressive Regressives, Republicans look like the Huxtables!  And the Lib-Dem-Pro-Regressives will follow Obama over the cliff!

That’s my rant!

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