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Had Enough of Democrats?

I can’t find the words to express my true outrage at what the Democrats did in ramming government controlled health care down our throats.  As the vote took place, it was a surreal moment, as if I was watching America being tortured. 

I asked myself this question.  Could the Democrats have gotten away with this, without the black vote? 

What I find amazing is just how ignorant black Democrats are in supporting these pimps.  For all their loyalty, black Democrats have gotten nothing but crumbs, handouts from the government, none of which helps  blacks or America in the long run.  Though I won’t blame black Democrats solely, I do blame them for allowing themselves to be used in such a pitiful way.  It is moments like this that I wish I had a machine that would allow silly Negros to see just how all this help from the Democrats will mean to black folks.  Wait, I have such a machine, and the vision it reveals is generational welfare for blacks!

Tens of thousands of true American patriots marched on Washington recently, millions more have held rallies, putting our time, energy, and finances into thwarting DeathCare.  The outcome:  DeathCare.  The Democrats used their legal minds to get around the system, and told the American people, we are smarter than you.  So far, they are!

Our problem on the Right is we are constantly talking about 200 year old white guys in wigs!  Most people didn’t like history, when they were forced to learn it in school, what makes you think they care now?  All this talk about the Constitution and Founding Fathers is NOT bringing youth and diversity to the Conservative movement. 

And if stealing part of Rush’s or Hannity’s audience is the goal, then some pundits have been successful…preaching to the choir!  At the end of the day however, there is NOBODY bringing youth and diversity to the Conservative movement…except The Black Sphere. 

Being blunt: It’s time we had a bigger audience.

I can’t tell you the number of times, when I have yelled at my radio at one of the Conservative pundits mishandling of a caller, particularly a black caller.  The constant mea culpas for slavery or Civil Rights is sickening.  Bulletin: The Republican Party has nothing to be ashamed of with respect to slavery or Civil Rights, and I would happily debate ANY Democrat on this point!

Here’s the problem.  Republicans can’t convince black people not to vote for the party that voted 200 times to hang black people!  Does anybody except me see a problem with this?!

Many Americans donated money to Scott Brown, and will continue to do so to the next “flavor of the day.”  What will we ultimately get?  Democrats ramming even more legislation down our throats with clandestine meetings, subverting existing laws and more importantly the Constitution! They get away with this because they OWN black people!  Black people are the most loyal voting block and the squeaky wheel. Democrats can DEPEND on blacks in every major city to rally black people to the Democrats’ evil plan.  Think about it…in every major city there is at least ONE extremely vocal well-known black poverty pimp! Do you think that is by accident?!

When black people begin dissenting with Democrats, Democrats can accomplish nothing. 

Our team will begin running billboards soon, with sayings like…

In 2007 there were as many black men in prison, as in college. Thank a Democrat! Vote Republican!

If the businesses in your neighborhood are owned by all other ethnicities except yours, you live in a black neighborhood! Vote Republican!

If your church spends more time talking about Obama than God, you attend a black church! Vote Republican!

We produce a series for radio called Great Moments in Democrat Racist History, audio clips that educate with humor and satire, that we plan to offer to radio stations all over the country.

My team is working on a pilot TV show that lampoons Liberals, and we believe will do a lot to bring a younger audience to the network we will pitch.

The point is that we are actively LIVING our mission statement: 

To bring youth and diversity to the Conservative movement, educating with satire and humor in order to put racism and elitism where they belong…on the Left.

Here’s the wrap:

The Democrats’ vote on DeathCare proves that they could care less about the will of the American people. There is only ONE thing keeping their little extortion ring in business, and that is black victimology.  If we break this, we break them.

Frankly, I have funded my operation long enough, and it is time that America sees what I have said in my book The BIG Black Lie, and in about everything that I do, which is Liberals are uncontrollable and are the most destructive force in American politics.

Stop donating money to lost causes, and support this team.  I know there are some who will think this is about me or my team, well it’s not. It’s about America.  We are spending BILLIONS of dollars to fight losing battles, when the answer is right in front of our eyes.  Let’s change the fight. 

The reason the black Conservative is the most despised person to Liberals is they fear us!  They know that black Conservatives are “carriers.”  We have a gene called “common sense” that can infect black Democrats and wake them from their stupor.

If you trust the message of this team, then DONATE to this team! Get others to do it.  Because in the long run, changing the hearts and minds of black people is THE best thing for America…and the cheapest

When do YOU want it to start?  The war on poverty has cost $7 TRILLION so far! Not counting what Obama has added to the price tag?

That’s my rant!

No copyright! Share this with EVERYBODY sick of watching America being dragged through the sewer of Liberalism!

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