Obama’s Snow Job

I’m not lying, but the recent “lack of jobs” has been blamed on of all things…SNOW!

AP reported that

Many analysts expect this month’s snowstorms cost up to 100,000 jobs and will artificially inflate the unemployment rate. A clear reading of the job picture may not be available until March or April.

Apparently, even the white powdery substance is not immune to the racist taunts of the Obama administration.  Needing a scapegoat for not creating the 95,000 jobs per month promised by Obama recently, the White House has now decided that snow is the new boogeyman, or in this case, the abominable snowman!

I have chronicled for some time Obama’s jobs creation promises beginning at 2.5M, then 3.1M, then 4M+, and the lexicon shift to “creating or saving.” 

When that didn’t work, they just made it easy on us abandoning “created or saved,” and said that if a company got stimulus money, then all the jobs were saved.  Present tally of jobs saved by Obama is now more than all the jobs in the US with 2B jobs created in India and China!

So considering the snow job that Obama has done on America, you would think he would not be so quick to throw his white powdery pal under the bus.  Nevertheless, there snow lies, wrangling in the mud with the likes of light-skinned Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and Obama’s “Scared of black men” Toots.

This is not the first time Obama has used snow for his own racist agenda.  As Bush did with Katrina, wreaking havoc on Chocolate City, Obama conjured up the vicious snow storm that hit the Midwest killing many of the Nascar crowd.  Unlike Bush however, Obama had the nerve to throw a house party while white folks were literally freezing to death! Has he no shame?

With job losses having dropped and unemployment having peaked, one would think that Obama would not need a scapegoat, right?

A recap of Obama’s policies easily explains why the fluffy white stuff may not be to blame, and the job losses may in fact be the fault of…Obama!

Earlier in the week, new-home sales fell in January to their lowest pace on record. And consumer confidence plunged in February.

Mark Vitner, senior economist at Wells Fargo, said the weak reports point to an economy struggling to wean itself from government stimulus programs such as homebuyer tax credits and other supports.  “Going forward, growth is going to be much more dependent on the private sector,” Vitner said. “And consumer demand hasn’t picked up that much yet.”

But people are not stopping there, as they are blaming snow for slowing the effectiveness of the recovery, though I wasn’t aware there was an actual recovery. 

Here’s the wrap:

Had it not been for that snow, Obama would have created 100,000 jobs—based on “analyst expectations”— putting him 5,000 jobs ahead of the stated jobs creation goal. Amazing that snow negated almost exactly the number of jobs Obama promised to create!  As Church Lady would say, “How conVENient!”

According to what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a congressional committee as reported by AP,

…the snowstorms are likely to have a short-term – but not permanent – effect on unemployment and layoffs. He said policymakers will “have to be careful about not overinterpreting” the upcoming jobs data.

See, there is good news. It’s all only temporary.  As long as we don’t over-interpret the idea that Obama…CAN’T CREATE JOBS!  Unless you count the snow job.

That’s my rant!

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