The UnHoly Season

Since we are entering Christians’ most holy season, I thought it fitting to cover the subject of religion.  As my tribute to religion, I have decided to chastise three religious groups:  Catholics, Jews, and “blacks,” or more specifically the Godless Liberals hiding therein.

Let’s begin with Catholics.  For them, Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance, a season for reflection and taking stock.  Let’s hope that the Catholics who voted for Obama have reflected, and for Lent have decide to give up Obama…and not for just 40 days!

I don’t consider any Catholic who voted for Obama to be a practicing Catholic.  To have voted for Obama and refer to yourself as a Catholic, you are either a CINO—Catholic In Name Only—living a secular life, or you are just in a fog.  Those are the only two choices.

Obama is for birth control, real Catholics are not.  Obama is for partial birth abortion, real Catholics are not.  Obama is practically a Muslim, real Catholics are not!

And if Obama is not a Muslim, he is certainly not for religions who don’t practice Black Liberation Theology.

These Catholic frauds should just stop fronting.  They are not Catholics, nor are they religious!  They don’t even really give anything up for Lent, unless it’s something they could easily give up without hesitation, like taking the Lexus instead of the Mercedes.  No fasting in the wilderness, like the old days.  They should just leave the Catholic religion and start worshipping some golden idol.  I suggest Simon from American Idol, since he is leaving AI anyway, and he is just as Nobel worthy as their current false idol.

I find the Jews even more perplexing than the Catholics who supposedly voted around 54 percent for Obama.  The Jews supported Obama at around 78%, second only to black people, who were at 95%.  Jews simply ignored the Muslim upbringing of Obama, his Black Nationalist leanings, and decided that voting “black” superseded their sanity.

Meanwhile Israel fights daily for its survival, constantly embroiled in a battle for their LIVES against Muslim enemies who surround them on three sides.  My question is, “If the Muslims were to destroy Israel, do secular Jews think the Muslims make a distinction?”

Oh, you weren’t a practicing Jew, so I won’t cut off your head.  Salam wa aleikum!

Last time I checked, the Muslims want to destroy ALL Jews, practicing or not, and this would have included converted black Jew, Sammie Davis, Jr! Yes, Muslims will even kill the Candy Man!

I know Jews are pissed at Christians over the Jesus debate, but Christians are not trying to DESTROY the Jews or to cut off their heads!  When perturbed, Christians won’t launch rockets into your neighborhoods either. 

Jews might get a few racist Democrats (faux Christians) who will accuse them of being money-grubbing Capitalists or not allowing Jews into one of their elitist clubs.  But that about it.

Admittedly, there is that venerable group of nostalgic Democrats who might demonstrate from time to time in their white robes, hearkening back to the good old days when they were intimidating black people, and occasionally getting their hands on a Jew—bonus!  But these days their numbers amount to little more than a pep rally in comparison to the Muslims—yes even moderates!—who want Jews 187…that’s copspeak for D-E-A-D!

As for blacks in America, “being black” has become a religion all to itself.  Never in the history of American politics has a group been so targeted for monolithic thinking than blacks.  For those wishing to gain 100% black-think, that conversion process is a religion.

 Blacks who voted for Obama would easily pass for Conservatives in many ways, yet they have acted more Liberal than the Guilters who voted for Obama simply because he was black.  Black theists exercised what I call moral relativity, which in effect makes them Liberals.  They chose to disregard Obama’s disdain for religion, the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, notwithstanding Obama’s lack of fiscal responsibility to let America get her credit cards revoked!

Most blacks know that Obama attended church for show—for street cred.  Street cred led to Obama gaining political clout, and Obama chose the church with the most political clout in the black community in order to…use the black community. 

Black theists proved to be equally racist, as they disregarded Obama’s Godlessness in favor of “making history.”  Most knew Obama to be racist, with his policy of spread the wealth around and his obvious dislike of whites, as he proclaimed in his books. Black theists chose to disregard the same racist policies of the past, in order to satisfy some cultural urge to elect a black man at any cost…even if it cost them their souls!

In fact, these black Democrats are not religious at ALL! Black Democrats attend church, but that’s it.  To pretend.  It’s like voting Democrat…they don’t know why, they just do!   They may be fooling themselves, because they are not fooling God.

Here’s the wrap:

I blame all three of these so-called religious groups for the election of Obama. Exactly what were these groups voting for?  Apparently racism and Godlessness, because none of them had any reasons to vote so overwhelmingly for Obama.

Electing Obama, was essentially a slap in the face to God and a kick in the crotch to America.

We can only hope that these “religious groups” have learned their lessons, though we know better.  Obama has done nothing to further the cause of religion, or any of the tenets that religion speaks to, but that doesn’t matter to the Liberals.

The support of Obama by people who call themselves religion is a sign of the times for America.  The slippage of America’s moral values.  These idol worshippers followed a FALSE god—note little ‘g!’  And Obama is leading black folks to the depths of depravity, and far away from God.  Obama is their god on earth.  My bet is this is about as close as Liberals will get to the real God.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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